Scruff’s Top 5 – (The Firehouse, Loges Wedding)

It was a great weekend in music, I started it off in the club and ended it off celebrating the union of of Ashley and Austin. I would call it the best of both worlds, when I play in a club or bar I update my playlist with songs that I haven’t necessarily heard in a while or ones that I have never heard of. I also get the chance to mix some of the new school club bangers with the old one’s live, try and bring two different generations together on the dance floor. It’s a rush dealing with different demographics every hour, since people like to bar hop I never deal with the same crowd all night. This in my opinion is the highlight of an open format club/bar DJ. At weddings my playlist grows by genre more than anything, being in Northwest Iowa I find that country and classic rock are more of the go to’s. Nonetheless each night is different and a lesson is to be learned, one that I can use to better my skill and keep the dance floors rocking.

Friday night I made my way down to the Firehouse in Sioux City for a night of good tunes and happy patrons. Throughout the night I had requests that were not so traditional such as: Starship, Phil Collins, Disney tunes, and Celine Dion. Now since these requests were made earlier in the evening I did play some of them. The bar wasn’t quite busy just yet, and the songs were definitely ones that most people knew. I had a fun time playing some remixes and b side tracks while going through some of the crowd favorites. I had a group of patrons ask for some tracks by Young Dolph, an artist that I had heard of but not to familiar with. The tracks that were requested were hardcore but still had a great beat. I was able to incorporate the requested tracks in with some of my southern hip hop favorites by T.I., Juvenile, and Outkast. I also had some requests for Lizzo, Snoop Dogg, and Ariana Grande. Not the normal tracks but some new ones that weren’t on the billboard top 100 just yet. Finding out some new music is always a rush because you never know how a dance floor will react, and you are eager to play them just because you want to play an exclusive track. It’s a risk with high reward if the song is fire, if not it can go as a dud until it becomes more popular. With Halloween coming up i’m grabbing as many tracks as possible to play for the night of fright and mystery. I’ll be back at the Firehouse that night so get ready for the unreal.

Saturday night I had the honor of being a part of Austin and Ashley Loges’s wedding at Sheldon’s Crossroads Pavilion Event Center.  The room was decorated magnificently with a giant L over the head table and lots of candles on each of the guest tables making things feel elegant and romantic. Austin and Ashley had a popcorn bar for snacks and a lovely array of cupcakes for dessert. With hanging lights from the ceiling, a mantle honoring loved ones that have passed on and pictures depicting the generations of marriage before them; Ashley and Austin painted the perfect scenario for a celebration. After a lovely meal and speeches that made you laugh we played the shoe game followed by a scavenger hunt with plenty of guest participation. The crowd was great they loved the interaction and when the dance started they continued by moving their feet to the very end. We partied to lots of the 90’s and 2000’s hits, sang along to Neil Diamond, and Garth Brooks, had slow dances to Shania and Willie. It didn’t matter what was played the bridal party, Ashley, Austin, and all of their guests just wanted to have a great time. I had an amazing time with this family, I was so glad to be a part of their special day. Night’s like this remind me of how fun the music can make the day.

  1. Higher Love – Kygo & Whitney Houston
  2. Long Cool Woman – The Hollies
  3. Circles – Post Malone
  4. Tarzan – Black V Neck
  5. Call Me – Hannah Wants & Kevin Knapp

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