Scruff’s Top 5 – Week in Canada/ McGrath Wedding

This week’s adventure has had me speechless, now that I have decompressed and caught a few z’s I can finally express how the trip to Canada really felt. I needed this trip for more than just a few reasons, I hadn’t seen the groom in 7 years and it was way past overdue, I’ve had a passport for a few years still hadn’t used it, and now I have a new found love for traveling and it’s expenses. This trip was more than eye opening, I reevaluated some goals that I didn’t think I was able to accomplish.

Tuesday Morning I flew into SeaTac (Seattle- Tacoma Airport) and was greeted by my long friend Richie. We both went to Northwestern College and ever since I had met him he’s been trying to get me to come visit him in Canada. I felt really bad that it took so long to get here but I was super glad that I made it. It was as if time stood still, it was like we were still in college worrying about classes, going to the next party, playing sports, etc… These are the type of friends you don’t meet often, it’s like we picked up where we left off. We took the 2 hour drive back to the border but first stopped off for some lunch at Dick’s Hamburger. This place was straight out of a 50’s/60’s movie, no indoor seating only drive up and great food. We crossed the border, and I finally made it to (The Promised Land) according to Richie. First on the agenda was a trip to Vancouver and dinner. We had pizza, beer, and a great view of the Pacific Ocean. The first thing I noticed after the view was the view, there were fancy cars and fancy prices. all around us were Tesla’s, Audi’s, BMW’s and the ticket for the meal was as if we were in NYC. Not gonna lie it threw me off guard a little but I did have some funds saved up so I wasn’t too worried. We made our way back to Richie’s house and I finally got the chance to meet the lovely Bride to be Megan. We had talked wedding and reception via video chat, but after chatting with her for a bit I knew that Richie had made the right decision.

Wednesday Richie and I got up and went to Tsawwassen, Canada to meet up with his boss and go boating across the Pacific to Orcas Island for the day. This was my first time on the Pacific and I was glad that we had the chance to see some seals, porpoises, and just a nice still current on the open water. We hit up the local brewery while on the island and enjoyed beverages and a cornhole game by the locals. On the way back I had the idiotic idea of  jumping in the water, let’s just say I still think that was one of my less than sane propositions. We rounded off the night with a nice meal and early shut eye, tomorrow was the start of a long weekend.

Thursday morning travels were made to Chilliwack for the Frasier River Lodge where both the rehearsal and the wedding. Upon arrival I had the chance to meet up with the bridal party, and wedding coordinator.  I must say I was quite impressed with their support group, all the groomsmen had the qualities that Richie needed around him to help make conscience, mature decisions when it comes to not only life, but when it comes to being a husband. The bridesmaids were all very giving: giving their time, advice, and their hearts. You could see this whenever you saw them laughing and joking with Megan. The wedding coordinator was precise and def took the lead when it came to dealing with the order of events. It was the perfect first experience. This place was beautiful, I mean the facility and and it’s staff were quite accommodating, the rooms were quite comfy, but the real kicker was the view of the Frasier River and the mountains right behind it. When people usually think of dreamy weddings they usually have beaches and mojitos in mind, this place was on a whole different level. In my mind this is where you clear your head, reevaluate your priorities, make new goals and find out the path you need to achieve them. This place in my opinion is the perfect spot to start a new chapter with your wife. Thursday night was when things got interesting, both Lee and I went to school with Richie. Lee wasn’t supposed to be able to make the trip due to other situations, things changed and Lee came up. I knew about the plans but Richie didn’t. This was the best surprise for the groom, all three of us together, Heemstra brothers and friends for life.

Friday was the big day, Lee and I did what we do best and that’s taking the concern of the Newlyweds and putting on our shoulders. We had ceremony and reception duties, it was showtime and Canada was about to get a big dose of the midwest’ finest. Ceremony went off smooth and reception was to follow. We played the scavenger hunt with the guests worked with one of the brides’ cousins Ryan on MC duties and played I even got the chance to get the parents of the bride to kiss twice when the guests clanked on the glass (Brides’ parents are divorced but played along as if they were still married). After all the special dances and a few hours of tunes we shut down the reception and did an after party for the bridal party in one of the cabins. This was where everyone let loose, it felt like a high school reunion, a vacation, it felt like we were back in college.

Saturday we all packed up and left the Frasier Lodge partied out, ready for a recovery day.

Sunday morning the Newlyweds, Lee and I took a drive into the mountains to visit Squamish, a ski lodge town with some magnificent views. We  arrived took some photos and hit up a local brewery. Didn’t stay long because Lee had a flight later in the day and had to show him Vancouver. We made our way downtown and purchased the Canadian staple food poutine. I must say after eating some I wouldn’t be ordering anymore in the near future, this was def not my cup of tea. After viewing the Chinese embassy and high priced vehicles we got Lee back to the house so that way he could leave for his flight. For my final night in Canada we had pizza and wings for dinner.

My experience in Canada was one that I will never forget, this is just the beginning of my travels. Thanks to Megan, Richie, and both of their families for not only making us feel like we were part of the family, but also making my first international experience the first of many. I can’t help but feel like this wouldn’t be possible without the music. First going across state lines last year in Montana, now country borders. To be grateful mean to do the best that I can with my craft. I intend to do this and continue to cross the borders in genres, states and countries.

  1. Free – DJ Scruff
  2. Joanna (Drogba) – Afro B ft French Montana
  3. Let This Ride – Alex Preston
  4. Loca Loca – B & B
  5. Best Friend – Logic

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