Scruff’s Top 5 (Weekend at the Firehouse, January goal recap)

Well it seems that we are now 1/12 into the year 2020, I made some goals for music and I plan on keeping them. Staying focused is really going to be the key in success. For me personally that is going to be very hard with how my mind wanders, and how easily distracted I can get. I can continue to make excuses or push forward to making progress. So far I can say that progress is on the agenda. One of my main goals for the year was to make a remix and an original every month, after the completion of January I can say that I finished my remix, and I made it half way through my original. I don’t call this a complete success, yet I don’t call it a failure either. If I had not tried to push myself to a level in which I would successfully meet my goals, I would have never known that right now I need to work on minor details of my work to make it to that goal. So 1.5 tracks is awesome for me, that doesn’t mean that I won’t push for 2 in February, that means I know that I can make at least 1.5 tracks and anything less than that isn’t an option. I now have a new standard in my work for the month, with that I can now push for the 2 track bar. I have stated before that being a music producer isn’t just an overnight thing. It takes years of work, and it takes both failures and success to get to the next level. Trusting the process isn’t something that I personally like, I would def like to have the instant classic made tomorrow. After 2 years of production I know thats not possible, so I take my journey and look at it in optimism that by the end of this year I will be making at least 2 tracks per month with a new goal in mind.

This weekend I made my way down to Sioux City for my residency at The Firehouse, I don’t have any weddings coming up just yet, so expect me to be there keeping the dance floors grooving. I particularly enjoy the fact that right now I can test out new tracks as they come out to see if I should put them in my wedding basket for the summer. I had a conversation with someone recently expressing that I find it harder to keep up with some of the tunes because there are more one hit wonders than long musical careers amongst artists. This is why I enjoy when I have my weekends in Sioux City, I get requests for songs that I have never heard before as well as crowd favorites. This is how I sort a lot of my music. As the songs get air time I can gauge whether it’s going to be popular for a hot minute, or for the summer. To be honest that method holds true regardless of the age of the song. There are sometimes when people come and ask for certain 80’s artists/tracks, I keep a record of that as well. Between both nights I can say that there are a few tracks reoccurring from the past that will be great for my wedding receptions, as well as some new ones. As the time gets closer to spring I’ll be having fewer appearances at the Firehouse so I’m going o enjoy the time that I have, and learn as much from the music that I can.

  1. Don’t Start Now (Purple Disco Machine Remix) – Dua Lipa
  2. Dial Up – Lenny Kiser
  3. Licc It – Desamor
  4. Like a G6 (Ziggy Remix) – Far East Movement ft. Dev
  5. 1-2-3-4 – Kuestenklatsch

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