Scruff’s Top 5

It seems that I have skipped a week, I apologize to all who have been reading and keeping up. It’s been a busy past two weeks. After my mini vacation to NYC for thanksgiving, I jumped right back into the saddle with North High School’s Dance Marathon, and Northwestern’s Winter Formal, both on Dec 2nd. This past week I had to prepare for my first show in Iowa City at Gabe’s, a school event in Sioux Center, and finally start my conditioning on becoming a producer and a more organized person.

It was a fun visit to the Big Apple for thanksgiving. I am my mom’s only child, and we don’t get to see each other often. I am grateful for being able to go home and  see my friends, people that grew up with, old neighborhoods and places. Most of all I miss the food. I was so happy that I was able to get some whiting fish and bring it back with me. Needless to say that didn’t last long in my freezer. Another thing I miss is the pizza, I know a lot of people talk about Chicago style pizza, and yes they do make the best deep dish slice. Yet, when you want a slice big enough to fold and walk down the street with New York is the king. I’m not trying to start a debate, i’m just gonna say, until you have tasted the finest pie in America, you haven’t lived. Even though I don’t want to ever move back to NYC, I know there is no place like it in the world. My visits always spark a certain kind of hustle that other fellow New Yorkers feel. I’m ready to conquer the world by the time I leave, if there is one thing that I miss besides family its that New York drive. 

 North High School has been running a charity event in partner with the ST. Luke’s Children’s Miracle Network for the past few years and have asked Lee and I to run the music for the event for the 3rd time. It’s always great to support the youth, help them make an impact for future generations, pushing for  positive awareness for the kids struggling with long tern illnesses. The rules are simple: stand for those who can’t. Dance, play games, and interact with some of the families that are acknowledged for their courage and strength, whatever you do just stand. While we get to spin the tracks for the evening, the real heroes are the children and families  that have survived the premature births, the hospital stays, the long nights of worrying and fighting.

After the Dance Marathon was completed, we packed up and headed for Orange City to the Prairie Winds Event Center to play at Northwestern’s Winter Formal. It has been a privilege to come back to Northwestern year after year and entertain the students. This year was no different than the others, The students packed the house and had a great time. The energy was positive, The crowd was very interactive with the track selection, and it’s always great working with the staff at Prairie Winds. I would say around 300-350 students came out for the formal. At the end of the night one of seniors came and thanked me for playing some awesome parties for his college years, that made my night.

This past week I played my first show at Gabe’s in Iowa City. I was really impressed with the two story venue, it had a very underground atmosphere to it. Pictures of legendary musicians that have passed on hung on the walls, ACDC Pinball in the corner, and artist stickers everywhere. I played the opening set for the night, going into some of my favorite tracks at the moment and setting the atmosphere for a journey through music. The other Dj’s had some great sets as well, I look forward to playing the venue again. The University of Iowa is here and there is always good music being played in big college towns. 

On Saturday I had another school event, this time in Sioux Center. It was time for another winter formal and the kids were dressed to impress. I had done their prom last spring and was called back to host the music for this event as well. The kids had a great time dancing to all of the hits on the radio and quite a few remixes as well. I truly enjoy getting the chance to curate the playlist for an event. It’s a fun challenge to see how long I can keep them going before having to slow the tempo down for a bit, or throwing in classics from well beyond their years. I believe i’ll be doing their prom again, I’ll def have some weapons to throw down. 

My journey as a DJ is one of trial and error, there isn’t a handbook or manual that ensures that you make a million dollars, or that you become the next Calvin Harris. You have to do what works for you, you have to learn from you mistakes, and you have to continue to grow. A part of growth is taking better care of your time, that’s the one thing that you can’t, and will never get back. My conditioning starts with getting up at 5 am every morning. I hate early mornings but I know that the earlier I get up the earlier I can get something accomplished. This doesn’t just mean musically, but house work, meditation, exercise, etc… My goal is to have things mapped out for a full week and stick to it. Everyday focusing on something else, whether that’s production work one day, and music shopping the next, early morning mixing, or laundry. Whatever it is I want to have something productive done before the sun comes out. I know that if I can get a solid week down I can get 2, and if I can get two weeks under my belt, a month isn’t that far away. I have set my bar high but my goals short. I like the feeling of getting things accomplished, and I really enjoy seeing my progress, even if its minuscule. I want to set myself up for continued success, I want to enjoy my life and make new memories. I truly believe that this can happen with more discipline, so discipline is what i’m going to have to get. 

  1. Vibra – Amersy
  2. Monstaz – Camarda & RSIAM
  3. Waterman 2017 (Joe Stone Remix) – Olav Basoski 
  4. Hacia La Noche – Yolanda Be Cool & Massivedrum 
  5. You’re Not Free – Beth Yen 

Scruff’s Top 5

This past week was a busy one for me, I had to prepare for a wedding, the radio show, and prepare to travel home to New York City for my holiday vacation. I had a few days of fun with a concert on Thursday, and a visitor on Friday. Overall I would say sleep was on the bottom of my to do list, and getting everything done in an orderly fashion was my main objective. Some things got finished early, other’s right at the nick of time, but now I can relax. 

Thursday night I drove up to the Twin Cities for a Brother Ali show, this was the fourth time I had tried to see this artist. Every time I have gone to his show something always happens, whether its going late to the show, lightning at an outdoor venue or something. This time was no different, I went to the show and while I was there I started to feel sick, and sure enough I had to leave the show. I feel like there is a curse between the artist and I after so many tries. I tell you what I will def purchase tickets to the next show of his that I can. I’m just grateful for my friend, who had a warm apartment, and a nice couch for me to sleep on. 

Friday I had a visitor come up from Des Moines, She is a teacher that I met at a concert, changing the lives of the next generation. We made lasagna, watched movies, and enjoyed each other’s company. I look forward to the next time we are able to get together. Before she came to visit I went to the radio station and submitted Saturday’s show. I’m super happy with the mix that I came up with, I’m currently working on the 2 year anniversary of Sheldon’s Dance Experiment, I’m thankful for the opportunity to be on the air and I plan on making that episode something really special. 

Saturday I was back in Orange City at Prairie Winds Event Center for a wedding. It’s always fun capturing the moments that matter the most in the lives of others. I was extremely excited because I had done a wedding for this family before. I feel completely honored when asked to return for a siblings wedding, or another family member. This ensures that I am doing my job correctly, it also makes the event that much more personal to me, it’s like I got an invitation to the event as well, not just hired. After the wedding I packed up my bags and made my way to Omaha for a house party, and my flight to NYC.

I’m looking forward to spending time here with friends and family, enjoying the city in all of it’s glory. Most importantly i’m looking forward to taking the week to relax and rest my body. The city is where I grew up, it’s home, it’s my adventure away from adventure, it’s my safe zone. While here i’ll visit some museums and art exhibits, enjoy the city as an adult.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving no matter where it is. Be thankful for everything you have, it can be gone in an instant.

See you on the dance floor! 

  1. M.N.M.B. – Caya, Josh Lu
  2. Obliviou – Jay Robinson & GAWP
  3. Noise Maker – Platinum Doug 
  4. $4,000,000 (Oliver Heldens Remix) – Steve Aoki & Bad Royale 
  5. Particle Parade – Zonderling 


Scruff’s Top 5

After a successful weekend in Adrian, MN, Orange City, IA and lamb-o-rama it’s time to get back to it. I have a busy week ahead of me and staying on a schedule is probably the only thing that will keep me sane. With the holidays coming up I have to prepare some of my tasks in advance so that things run smoothly. I take on these challenges knowing that I have a responsibility to all that support my journey, and it will help me become more organized, stick to tasks and stay productive. 

On Friday I was at Adrian High School/ Middle School for their fall dance. It’s always amazing to see what the newer generations are listening to, which tracks are more popular in certain areas, and which ones go under the radar. I had requests for AC/DC, Garth Brooks, and a plenty of slow dances. I was surprised by how many of the older songs from the 90’s and early 2000’s were received with love and acceptance, while some of the newer songs didn’t go over as well. Now I know that sometimes when you are in more rural areas many top 40 tracks get overlooked, but when the kids are asking for songs that are 10 -20 years older than them, you know you are doing something right. There are plenty of newer songs that I enjoy, whether that’s when I play them out, or in my leisure time, But I will always love the classics. Adrian has asked us to entertain their students for years now, and even though I am not an alum like Stover is, I still get that warm feeling when I amd asked to return or told that I did a great job and the students had a fun time. Even though school events aren’t my favorite, it’s all worth it when you see the children having good, clean fun. 

Saturday I was closer to home with a wedding in Orange City at the Prairie Winds Event Center. The staff there in Orange City, are some of the best to work with. They are friendly, helpful, and always have a good attitude regardless of how the event is going. The wedding was definitely one for the books, it was the first time I was asked to play Skrillex, and techno at a reception. I have played sandstorm and Calvin Harris at receptions before, but never have I played Green Velvet and harder artists. The newlyweds looked stunning, the support that they received from their guests made the atmosphere nothing short of magical.

Sunday was my day of rest, some friends and I got together and made some lamb meat. We grilled and smoked one leg of lamb, and then we slow cooked another one with veggies. On top of that we made a couple racks of ribs, talk about a lot of food. It’s always great to enjoy a nice day with friends, watching football, throwing darts, and giving each other a hard time about music, kids, and life in general. This was the perfect way to end my weekend. My only advice to anyone that reads this blog, enjoy life and balance accordingly. There will always be tasks and responsibilities that have to done each day, get them done then enjoy the rest. You only have one life to live, live it to the fullest. It’s not about money, it’s about experiences. 

  1. Special Sauce (Brillstein Remix) – Jesse Rose
  2. Pray – MOGUAI 
  3. Drowning (Cord Labuhn & Jansen Rework) – Robosonic feat. Son Little
  4. In The Army Now – Markus Honner & Sarah Andesner ft. Jacques La Moose
  5. Fire Walk – Yotto


Scruff’s Top 5

This past weekend I had the opportunity to DJ Sheldon’s first adult prom, finished up a residency for the winter, and started a new chapter in my life with a move to a new place. Things are looking up for me, I need to buckle down and continue to work at my goals. It’s easy to get sidetracked, time to get back on track. 

Thursday night was my last night playing at TraynRek University for the winter. I will resume this residency in the spring once the busy season starts. The night was awesome, there was a decent crowd there for my last night, and they were all ready to get down. I played a good mix of current hits and classics from the late 90’s early 2000’s, as well as some house music. I’m definitely looking forward to coming back, after working on my craft for the winter, i’ll be ready to showcase what i’ve been working on next year.

Sheldon hosted their first adult prom on Saturday at the new event center. Stovetop Productions was asked to perform the music for the charity event. All the proceeds went towards the Shop With A Cop program. We had close to 100 attendees, which was nice since it was the first, but hopefully annual party. My personal favorite about the evening was the fact that all the attendees dressed for he occasion. I was shocked, amused, and awed by the effort put into the outfits. There were tuxes, night gowns, and your occasional vintage suit out and about in the building. We had a crowned king and queen, and appetizers served by Langers of Sheldon. I would say that all in all the night was a success. I hope they have another one next year.

Over the past 6 years I have lived in the same apartment here in Sheldon. There are a lot of memories that i’ve had there, both good ones and not so pleasant ones. I can say that the apartment has served it’s purpose, and it’s time to move on. I’m at a pace in my life in which I want to take the next step in this DJing career. I also feel that sometimes in order to move forward in life, you have to let some things go. Letting go of things has always been hard for me. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it kind of attitude. Truth be told that frame of thinking put me in a place of complacency. In any career your goal is to get to the top, you can’t get there holding on to the starting line. So as of Dec 1, i’ll be in my new apartment. I’m ready to continue my journey in a new place with more space and new goals. 

  1. Bumpy Track – Gariy & Hacker
  2. O.M.G. – CamelPhat
  3. Dancefloor Happy – versus 
  4. 17 (Tchami Remix) – MK
  5. Okay – Shiba San

Scruff’s Top 5

Man oh man ws this weekend a blast. It’s such an amazing thing to connect with other people, whether that’s on the dance floor or in conversation. My friends have introduced me to a lot of great music over the years, I am forever grateful for those opportunities. Though it was an exhausting weekend it will forever be one of my favorites on this journey of mine. 

Thursday night I continued my weekly residency at TraynRek in Boji. It’s starting to get cold and the crowd is dwindling, but those that came out def had a good time. The mix of tunes played ranged from the 70’s to today’s hits, and the requests made fit in perfectly with the vibe for the night. I played some James Brown, Michael Jackson, Soft cell and Anita Ward just to name a few. I appreciated the love I received, not only from the patrons, but the staff as well. When I come to play I always want the crowd to have a good time, but I also want to make the night enjoyable for the staff. Keeping both groups grooving ensures that everyone has a good night. 

Friday night I made my way to the capital of Iowa for a Gogol Bordello show. I had seen these guys once before in Sioux City at Saturday in the park. I loved the energy they brought to the stage, and the music made you feel like you were a part of the story. I was definitely looking forward to seeing them play a headliner show. The show was at Wooly’s, a small venue with a great underground atmosphere. The crowd packed in for the show and it was nothing but love from there on out. Though I didn’t know a ton of the lyrics, the band engaged with the crowd making you feel as if you were a part of the show. Afterwards I had the opportunity to connect with some of the other concertgoers, and snatch a picture with one of the members of gogol. I have to say I was very happy with my night in Des Moines. 

Saturday was the day I got the chance to play with some of Omahas best producers. The line up was stacked from start to finish. We had Ron Gotti on the bill with over 15 years of experience, Josh Schmidt aka Mixdup with over 10 years of experience, Jeff Farrow aka JP Goodebeats with over 20 years under his belt, and Natron88 with over 15 years headlining the event. I opened the night up with some of my favorite groovy tracks, and prepped the crowd for a good time. Once again we had a sold out show and the warmth from the crowd was great. Afterwards I went to support the OSU (Old Skool Underground) and their last event of the year, we danced into the wee hours of the morning. 

Overall it was a great weekend, I might have been sleep deprived for most of it, but I can say the knowledge and the experiences I had could never be replaced. As I prep for this week’s shows I look forward to experiencing new and exciting things as they come. Life is what you make of it, I plan on making it the best one that I can. 

  1. Bass Bump – Keeld
  2. Horn Porn Feat. Chris Lorenzo – Taiki Nulight 
  3. Pause, Stop, Rewind – Dillon Nathaniel 
  4. Be Randy – Dom Dolla & Torren Foot 
  5. Ibiza 77 (Soulji Remix) – Oliver Heldens 

Scruff’s Top 5

The opportunities that I have encountered lately has been so encouraging, focusing on the little accomplishments helps keep me motivated. This past week was a special one, I had the opportunity to play for the first OC Pride event, and I played my first weeding at the new even center in Sheldon, on top of playing my Thursday night residency at TraynRek University. To say I was ready for a day of rest after the long weekend is an understatement. 

Thursday night has become my platform for not only playing 90-2010 top 40 hits, but as the residency continues groovier, housier, tracks are on the menu. I’m being allowed to play more remixes and crowd is seeming to enjoy the switch up, as long as it’s lyrical and recognizable. This is a goal that i’ve wanted to reach. I feel that soon, hopefully by the summer, i’ll be able to host a night of just house music. The owner loves the vibes that I bring to her establishment, hopefully as I continue to introduce her patrons to the sounds of Mark Knight, Kryder, Nora En Pure, etc, more freedoms will be given with the track selection. 

Friday night I had the honor of playing the first OC Pride event in Orange City, IA. OC Pride was formed by  4 gentlemen, three of which I went to Northwestern with, and the husband of one. I  was extremely happy that the event was happening in such a conservative town. I personally believe that all should be welcomed anywhere they are, and for an event that could potentially connect the lines of communication between members of the LBGTQ community and the rest of the town was huge. Over 100 people came out to hear my mix of 70-80’s funk, disco, r&b, and pop, and there was nothing but peace and love in the atmosphere. Money was raised for the victims of the hurricane disaster in Puerto Rico with the S&E Photo Booth. I do believe gaps were closed and discussions will be had, the is the beginning to something that Orange City has needed for a long time. 

Saturday I was blessed to spin for Adam & Melissa Bohrer’s reception at the new Crossroads Pavilion Event Center. This was our first time playing here as a company, and the place was built well. With the wall of windows you have the perfect background for photos, and the open space makes for a big dance floor. The crowd was amazing and I was glad to be a part of the special day, I can’t wait for my next event there which will be the Adult Prom on Nov 4th. 

Sunday I got up early to head to the Twin Cities for the Vikings vs. Ravens game. Now i’m not a fan of either team, I will forever be a Denver Broncos fan, but Minneapolis just built this new stadium for the Vikings and this was an opportunity to go and see it. The place was huge, very spacious and you could see the field comfortably from all angles. I went with a buddy of mine and he is a Vikings fan so the game ended well for him. Afterwards we went to the Mall of America played some put put golf, grabbed a bite, and headed home. It was a very long day, but it was needed. 

This upcoming week i’ll be preparing for my show at the 415 Release the Freak. I’m looking forward to playing in omaha again for the halloween weekend. As I prepare I hope to practice on different transitions; quicker, smoother, and groovy. I move forward on this journey, tomorrow isn’t promised but i’m gonna work harder for it anyways. 

  1. Dance (Funkerman Remix) – Format 
  2. Planet Rock (Claptone Remix) – The Powers That Be
  3. Ring My Bell – Anita Ward 
  4. Ghost ‘N’ Stuff (Matroda Remix) – Deadmau5 
  5. Das Disco – Block & Crown, Kaippa

2017 – 1987 = 30

Our very own Mr. Lee “Stovetop” Stover just had a birthday. Here’s a blog from the birthday boy taken from his website, Enjoy!

Just some subtraction for funsies? Nah. Taking a math test? Nope. Confused? Me too. Let me break it down for you. 2017 = right now. 1987 = the year I was born. What’s that mean? I. Just. Turned. 30. That’s right, 3 decades here on planet Earth. Unbelievable. Time really does fly.

It’s been an amazing 30 years if I do say so myself. I wouldn’t trade my childhood for anything. It was when my love for music was born. I still remember listening to oldies radio in car rides, digging through my dad’s cassette tapes of 50’s doo-wop music, and singing in church. Looking back I can see how those early years really set the stage for the role that music would play in my life.

My first “double digit” decade saw this role solidify even more. Starting with band (I rocked the alto followed by the bari saxophone) and choir in middle school, I found a love of performing. This continued through high school as I was involved in pretty much every musical extra-curricular I could be. And I loved every second of it. I was bitten by the bug of performance.

People tend to really find themselves in their 20’s. This decade was no different for me. It’s such a weird time of life. You’re kind of stuck between being a kid and being an adult. The major hang up is you’re waaaay more of a kid than you’d like to admit and you don’t realize it until you’re older! It’s such a strange time that I’m actually going to split this decade into 2 parts: 20-25 and 25-29. 

My college years were a continuation of performing. I was heavily involved in my dorm and used my passion for music to create for that community (you can watch my latest music video filled with college Easter eggs here!). I really started writing during these years. I also performed in many talent shows and found I was a pretty decent dancer. It was something I became known for on campus. My love for hip-hop, music and dance, really solidified during this time. In the last year of my time in college I joined a DJ crew and started throwing parties. This opened up a whole new avenue of music and performing to me that slingshot me through the rest of my 20’s. The first couple years after college I started a DJ company, got a business partner, and did every kind of event from bars to middle schools to fairs to weddings and everything in between. In those years, S&E Entertainment and Stovetop Productions grew to be one of the best known DJ companies in NW Iowa. And we’re continuing to grow now. Musically I wrote, recorded, and released 3 mixtapes and many singles in 3-4 years. I even had a song played on our local radio station (shoutout to KIWA, hear the song here!) I booked shows and worked on performing my original music for the first time. It was a struggle because making music was slowly becoming my dream and I shied away from it often due to fear and other excuses. Some legitimate, like working full time. Some not so much, like video games, social life, and mindless tv…   🙂  It was an exciting and frustrating few years all at the same time. 

The reason I’m starting the second part of this decade at 25 is because that is the year I got married. Life definitely changed for me. In the best ways.  My whole life changed and I could no longer just worry about myself. Music still remained a love of mine but now it was no longer THE love of my life. The back and forth of working on music intensified. My life experience was changing, my outlook was changing, my point of view was changing. This, combined with my day job, becoming a husband and then a father, changed how I saw the world and the music I wanted to create. It led me to a place of really just wanting God to use my passions in any way possible. I began wanting to write about things that mattered. What that means, I’m still not sure. I just know there’s more to the music I want to make than just lookin fly and partying. I still like to look good and have a good time, don’t get me wrong. But at the end of the day those things can leave you empty. I want to point people to the thing that won’t leave you empty, Jesus. 

So what now? I wish I knew. What I DO know is that I’m excited for my 4th decade (WHAT?!?!?) on this Earth. I’m 4 years into marriage, 2 years into parenthood (with baby #2 on the way), and 30 years into music being an intricate part of my life. I’m stoked to continue this journey. Thanks for joining me. We’re just getting started!  

PS – as a way to celebrate my bday, I wanted to give YOU something! For a limited time you can download my three most popular songs on Spotify for free on SoundCloud. Click the link here and on each track select “More” to download. You can also still buy them on iTunes and add them to your music on Spotify. That would be the best birthday present 😉 Enjoy!

Scruff’s Top 5

You see many goal cast and inspirational videos on the web, this in my opinion can be both good and bad. I believe that seeing and hearing inspirational things, can spark your own drive and ambitions. They can boost your self esteem and help you get through a rut. For this, I will always support these kind gestures given to us in video format, but I will say on the other end of it, these same videos can also hurt.

I’ve been told countless times, that in order to achieve something you want you have to work at it. Sometimes we (and that includes myself) get so wrapped up in what we see, and hear we forget to do. I personally have a love/hate relationship with success stories. I look up to the people who struggled to make it to the top of their game and have excelled. I love the fact that people out there have proven their worth, have beat the odds and made a name for themselves. I also know that I hate to see it because looking at someone else’s success doesn’t bring me closer to mine. I know it sounds weird, I know that it sounds like jealousy, but I promise that’s not the case. They remind me of the times where I didn’t work as hard as I should have, my shortcomings. I find myself comparing my situation to someone else’s. That’s when I have to take a step back and remember that each journey is different, I will never be them, and they will never be me. I have to remember that my path is just as hard as the next man’s, as long as I continue, never giving up, I too can experience my own taste of success. 

So with that being said, get off your butts, don’t dwell on the success of others; you have your own story to write. 


  1. Back To Love – Wlady feat. Andrea Love 
  2. Adventures On The Dance Floor – Vanilla Ace x Darkhfunkh
  3. Flight Of The Pterodactyl – Christian Martin, Ardalan
  4. Barrump – Claude VonStroke
  5. Primal Call – Gorgon City


Scruff’s Top 5

As I continue on this journey I find myself trying different ways to improve my overall well being. That means practicing habits that make my life easier so that I may focus on music and becoming a better DJ ex: eating healthier, keeping procrastination to a minimum, and staying positive. I remember looking at a video by DJ Konflict, he was explaining how life on the road can take it’s toll on the body. Excessive amounts of drinking, fast foods, and horrible sleep schedules can put a damper on your progress. I felt really encouraged by this. This is my main goal as a DJ right now. I want to play across my state, then work my way to a national level. Learning from guys who have been through what I am trying to accomplish, is one of the best ways to help make this a reality.

Over this past week I had 2 events to prepare for, my weekly residency at TraynRek University and a wedding in Hospers, IA. Both events went over smoothly, I really enjoyed celebrating with Mr. and Mrs. Tiedeman. They were really laid back and very easy to work with, the couple had been dating for over 10 years so for them with was long overdue. Their guests loved the 80’s and we partied to some of the biggest hits of the decade, from Whitney Houston to Cyndi Lauper we kept the jams going all night.

Weddings can sometimes become very repetitive for a DJ, but I try to keep in mind that each event is different. Each couple deserves to get my A -game, they pay for a service that I provide, and I don’t want to cheat them of the experience. Not to mention these couples entrusted me to celebrate with them on a day that they will remember for quite some time. I don’t ever want to get a review that comes back negative because I was being lazy. In my opinion that disrespectful, not only to the couple that hired me; but to the art of DJing.

For the next couple of weeks i’ll be prepping for 2 shows coming up. I’ll be playing with Natron88, Ron Gotti, Mixdup, and JP Goodebeats. We are throwing a Halloween party  on the 28th of oct. I’m super excited to be coming back to the 415. Ever since my first show at the club St. Patrick’s Day Weekend, I’ve been shown nothing but love from the patrons and owners of the 415. It’ll be the second time that i’m on a bill with Natron88 within the last couple months. Mixdup and I have performed together but it’s been years, Ron Gotti and I play together quite often, sometimes as Prjkt Blkout. This is the first time that JP and I will be sharing the stage. This is an opportunity to play with some of the bigger names in the omaha region, this is just another step towards my goals. 

  1. Virgo – Proxy, Embassy
  2. Innocence (Reopened) – Nero 
  3. Summer99 – Tchami, Malaa
  4. Steady Blazin? – Noizu
  5. Who The Hell Are You (Dom Dolla Dub) – Madison Avenue 

Scruff’s Top 5

This week’s adventures took me to Omaha for the second straight week, and I was able to perform at Northwestern College’s homecoming in Orange City. Both events were a lot of fun, I especially enjoy seeing various groups of people come together just to dance. I was invited to come play at the Midwest Masquerade, an event hosted by the guys of String Theory Music. This has been an annual event for the past couple of years, and its continuing to grow. Even though there  wasn’t a dress code, 90% of all the guests came dressed to impress. Guys came in slacks, button-down shirts and ties; the girls came in dresses, and evening gowns. Visuals were done by Craig Mustard of Mustard Vision, and I must say he did above and beyond. Multiple moving heads, lasers, projectors, and live programming for each DJ, Craig is def making a name for himself in the industry. Each DJ played an awesome set, even though we didn’t talk to each other about what we were playing, magically we kept building off of each other. I can’t even explain it, but by the end of the night, I had taken a journey through various genres and sub genres of electronic music, and my heart was happy. 

Northwestern is always a good time, this is my 3rd or 4th year doing the homecoming and each year the students go hard. I was especially happy because I was able to play out Reaching Nova’s track 71813. It’s great to be a DJ and play something exclusive so you can get a reaction from the crowd. Nova has been rapping and releasing music for years, we grew up together and its an honor to help spread his reach across America. Now Northwestern is a Christian college, and I played all clean or edited music, but one thing I have learned after all these years is that the students will scream out the swear words anyway. I had o change tracks on them for that reason, I gave them a warning first, when they didn’t listen tracks had to be cut. I have a great working relationship with the school, and i want to keep it that way. I’d say between 250-350 students were there for the festivities and I thank each and every one of them. 

I can’t express my joy with the DJ life, i’m growing and learning. This is just the tip of the iceberg, I know there is a lot more for me to learn, I look forward to the many lessons.

  1. ComeDown To The Underground – Block & Crown & Simioli
  2. My House (Gustavo Chateaubriand Remix) – Aren Suarez
  3. Raw NRG – Dennis Quin, Roog & Leon Benesty Feat. Mr Oasis
  4. Parallel Universe – Jamie Jones 
  5. Be Faithful – Fatman Scoop