Scruff’s Top 5

This week was one in which I decided to start working out again, I purchased my studio monitors, I had one event and I relaxed. I’m in the process of trying to balance a hard work ethic and not burning out, this is very difficult but with weekends like the one I just had, balance is a little easier. On top of the much needed rest i’m working on my basswood set, the festival is coming up and I want to kill it.

This week I decided I needed to get back into the gym. It has beed almost a decade since i’ve worked out, and with my busy schedule most of the year taking time to keep up with your body is a must. I lift a hundred pound subwoofer every weekend along with bending over and pulling/reaching for things at work. I don’t want to bulk up, but I do want to stay flexible and maintain a toned body. My schedule will allow me to go to the gym three times a week and I think that should be good enough to accomplish what I need. I will say that I can feel the effects of not maintaining my physic all this time. My body is super sore after just two days of working out. I know that will subside in the future as long as I continue to stay active, it just amazes me that even without the heavy lifting, just moving the muscles, I can see how lazy I had become. I plan on DJing for a long time, I’m only in my 30’s and if some of my heroes in the game can do this well past 50 I know I can too. It all just depends on how much I take care of myself. I plan on rotating from upper to lower body conditioning routines with some lifting in the middle of the week. Besides working my way into a gym routine, I have to eat better. This means more veggies and meats at home and not eating out. Not only is it cheaper to eat at home, but at least I can for sure say I know what i’m putting into my body. It will be a constant struggle to eat healthy and take care of myself. Change will come over time, but even then I’ll have to be mindful not to fall back into bad habits. This is just step one of ensuring a long lasting DJ career.

I finally got the last piece to my studio puzzle, I purchased my studio monitors and according to my teacher and mentor, this is just what I needed to take my music to the next level. Now when i’m producing i’ll be able to hear everything with clarity, the proper frequencies and will actually be able to adjust my volumes the way they need to be adjusted. Its been a long road thus far, and i’ve come off of the starting line, i’m not where I want to be but i’m working towards it. I’m glad I made this purchase, I want to excel, I want to grow and though purchasing new equipment isn’t the most reasonable in price, you have to invest in yourself and your craft. The more I put into this the more I want it, i’m not rich by any means and I can’t afford to have my money go to waste. That alone makes me want this even more, but investing in myself and watching the growth, as little as it may seem, is the real joy. I’m not saying that I enjoy every minute of producing, I can’t lie to anyone, sometimes it’s a pain in the butt, sometimes I get very frustrated, but I know this is what I want to do, so when I see any advancements I get a renewed sense of motivation. I’m ready for all the pieces that I have to start working together and making things a lil easier for me. This is the next step in mastering my craft, a new level of frustrations and tasks, bring it on i’m ready.

Friday was my only event for the weekend, and I will say that was a pretty weird feeling. I’m used to having a super packed weekend full of events long nights and lil rest, this was quite refreshing. I tried everything I could to grab another event for Saturday but everything fell through. I guess this was the universe’s way of telling me to enjoy my rest and reflect, so that’s exactly what I did. Friday I made my way to Sioux Center for the 4-H Sioux County fair Dance, I set up in the sheep barn and got ready to party. It was a three hour event and I knew the kids wanted to hear all the hottest tracks of the summer, I gave them exactly what they wished for. I was glad that I had a hotspot on my phone because there were a few songs requested that I didn’t have, but after purchasing the tracks and putting them in the mix accordingly I was able to keep the party heated up. The time flew by and before I knew it the dance was over. I’m glad I was invited to play this event, it was cool seeing some of the students from prom there, this means that we are doing something right as a company. These kids requested that we play their fair dance and I want that to continue so that means updating my library and keeping things fresh.

This coming Friday is Basswoods Music Festival, and i’m happy to have been invited back to perform a back to back session with DJ Ron Gotti as Project Blkout. We have been collecting tracks and now it’s time to play them out. We don’t get the chance to practice together often so this Friday before the festival begins we will do a run through just so that we give the people the best show that we can bring. We will be playing some of my originals including Bring That Bass which is out on Double Drop Records. I can’t disclose too much but we will be recording our set so look out for that in the near future.

  1. SA-MY-D (Matroda Remix) – Hedegaard
  2. Rave Lab – Bart B More
  3. Gaudy – Track & Field
  4. Choo Choo – Mike Mcfly feat. Matt Fox
  5. The Way – Dustycloud

Scruff’s top 5

It was a very exciting and interesting weekend in the world of music. I played a few shows and have come into the new week with ideas and a better understanding of how we can connect regardless of situation and circumstance. It’s always fun to be put in difficult situations just to see how you will come out, how resourceful and adaptive you can be. This was probably the theme of my weekend, I survived but now i’m prepared for any future endeavors as well.

Friday Night I mad my way to the firehouse for a night of fun and dancing. The weather actually cooperated with me and held off on the rain so I was able to set up outside on the patio and enjoy the summer night. I was hoping that the place would be packed with it being a holiday weekend, but it was not. The fourth was the night before and on Saturday was the big Saturday Night In The Park celebration. This is a free all day concert that combined local, regional, and international acts and put them all on the same stage. So with all the activities surrounding the weekend, the atmosphere was very chill. Instead of complaining about the situation, I made the most of it. This was the perfect opportunity to see if I could get the party going even though the crowd wasn’t in the party mood. I wanted to see if I could get a nice groove going, keeping drinks pouring, and ultimately get the crowd dancing even if it wasn’t on the dance floor. The crowd was younger so I knew I was going to have to hit them with more hits from the last few months and not from the early 2000’s. to get everything started I played some instructional tracks such as: Cupid Shuffle, The Git Down, and wobble. These got the crowd moving a little, it was humid out so it didn’t keep them very long but it did encourage them to hit the bar for some more beverages. This was the motion of the evening, dance floor and bar. I didn’t have a full dance floor but I did keep the customers happy. They sang, drank, and enjoyed their beverages. All I could do is take requests and keep them at their current location, with the heat and humidity I can say I accomplished that. The bartenders were happy with the amount of tips they were making so I was happy.

Saturday I had a wedding at the Crossroad Pavilion here in Sheldon, it’s always great to have an event in town. Not only because it’s less travel time, but because I like to support the local market. Having a local business and supporting other local businesses ensures that money stays in town. The wedding was for a dear friend of mine from my college years, it was great to see the smile on her and her husband’s face. There is something to be said about having that glow of joy whenever you look at your significant other. I was ready to rock and roll for the night, but I knew I had a task on my hands. The groom was from the NW Iowa area, but his bride was from Honduras. With that being said half of the guests spoke two different languages. Music is universal and thats keeps us all connected, but when you aren’t familiar with certain styles of music, it can create some difficulty. I wanted cater to both sides of the family to make everyone feel comfortable, I just wasn’t sure how to go about doing it. I started the dance with what I thought would be some crowd favorites the cha cha slide, cupid shuffle, cotton eye joe, and the wobble. After that I had the bride come up and tell me that her side of the family wanted to dance and I needed to switch it up some. I had no problem doing that, I just didn’t know what to play, so I made the executive decision to ask for requests. Now usually as a DJ I want to rock the crowd and take you on a journey, but at the same time I know that asking for help when needed is not only smart, but it allows me to grow. Within a few moments I got exactly what I asked for, the requests started to pile up and I was on my way. By the end of the night I can say that there were maybe 10 english speaking tracks played during the duration of the dance. I tried going back and forth but every time I played an english track my dance floor cleared, and as a DJ I want to have a packed dance floor. I feel bad for the groom’s side because most of them didn’t dance, they had some celebratory drinks and I think they had fun, but no one hit the dance floor. I was told that I did a great job at the end of the night, but in my mind I felt like I could have done more. This has put me in a newfound position to where I never want to feel like this again. I’m going to study music from all languages, I want to be more than prepared and capable of rocking the dance floor for all people and cultures. if i’m ever in this situation ever again I want to feel like I did the best that I could.

  1. Another Brick In The Wall (Saffa 135 extended mix) – Hot Coffee Pres. Pink Coffee
  2. Run It By Me – Human Movement, Eliot Porter
  3. The Sound Of Violence ( Dancefloor Killa Remix) – Cassius
  4. Preach – Watermat
  5. Hurricane (OFFAIH Remix) – deadmau5 & Shotty Horroh

Scruff’s Top 5

It was a busy weekend for me with events on both Friday night and Saturday. Not only did I have events both nights but the heat and humidity were also on max making things quite uncomfortable. This has the potential of effecting how many people come out to dance, regardless the music kept playing and that’s the most important thing. When the weather is that warm you have to take care of yourself, drinking lots of fluids is highly recommended. Also wearing light clothes can keep the little bit of circulation flowing while you are performing.

Friday night I made my way down to the Firehouse in Sioux City, the temp on the car said 92 but i’m sure the real feel was at least 100. The air was super thick and before you could walk two steps you had sweat dripping off your body. I know this was going to have a huge impact on attendance for the evening. The AC was on inside the bar, but during the summer I set up outside on the patio so I had to battle the elements while keeping the party rocking. Throughout the night there were waves of people that came out and due to the conditions you could tell that they were there to enjoy the music but not get crazy. This was a chill kind of night. I kept the crowd toe tapping and singing along to the hits of the late 90’s and early 2000’s most of the night, the main thing people wanted was hydration. Now maybe not in the form of H20 but they most definitely wanted to keep their palates moist, while trying to keep as cool as possible. Overall the night was alright, it wasn’t comfortable but I do believe everyone had a good time.

Saturday Night Luke and I made our way to Marcus for The Erdman/McDaniel wedding. The couple had both the DJ and photo booth services in order so we were ready to bring the party in full effect. WE arrived to the venue and realized not only was there no space for the booth but no space for myself as well. In this industry you learn how to adapt and conquer real quick. We took the most miniscule amounts of space and made it happen, by the time the guest arrived we were ready to rock and roll. As guest filled in the Ac unit kicked on and it was time to proceed with the night’s activities. We had a fun time with the introductions, scavenger hunt and of course the dance. The photo booth was a hit with loads of pictures, memories that the newlyweds will enjoy for years to come. Time flew by before we knew it the reception was over. It was an honor being a part of their special day.

I have a release coming out on Double Drop Records out of the UK. The pre order is now available, this is an exciting time. Never would I have ever thought that I would be releasing any music anywhere. All I can do now is keep working to make sure that these opportunities come around more often.


  1. The Sonic Busters – George Privatti & Guille Placencia
  2. AI AI AI – Qubiko
  3. Nama – DJ Dove
  4. Brooklyn Wheel – Supernova
  5. Banging – ItaloBros

Scruff’s Top 5

It was a busy weekend for me, full of celebrations and full of dancing. With two events this weekend I was quite exhausted by Sunday, but i’d never trade it. The weather was awesome which was refreshing, and crowds not only expanded my knowledge on music but hyped the party to the max.

Friday night I made my way down to Sioux City for a night at the Firehouse, I don’t get a chance to get down there as often as I like with a busy wedding schedule, but when I do it’s nothing short of a good time. The crowd is always eager to boogie and this time was no different. I arrived around 9:30 to check out an acoustic act that they had playing before me. The dude’s stage name was Wayward. He played the keys, and guitar while singing some covers. He had a good sound, perfect for the happy hour. After finishing up his set it was time for me to turn things up a notch. The drinks were flowing and now the party was about to get started. throughout the night I played all the top hits, and some party classics. I even tried out some tracks that I wasn’t sure about, but turned out to be quite successful.I had a group of people from Louisiana that were asking for tracks that I had never heard of, they were in the style of Jigging and that’s more of a southern style of music. I definitely was not familiar with the artists, but due to having a hot spot I was able to grab some of the songs. To see the joy on their faces after I played one of the tracks was priceless. This is what I live for making the night special for someone. Not only did I make those guys feel special, but I learned about some southern hip hop in the process.

Saturday Morning I started my day off cooking at my day job, I was super tired due to only getting a few hours of rest from the night before. My shift wasn’t long and i’m grateful for that because I had to do some last minute preparations for the wedding I had later on. I had to make my way to the Avalon Ballroom and that was about 40 minutes from my house, my rule is to be at a venue at least 2 hours before the reception starts making sure I have plenty of time for schedule change and set up. So having adequate amount of time is vital. I finished my preparations and set up with plenty of time, I had an 8 hour evening ahead of me and was ready to get things started. It was a beautiful reception, the bride, groom, and all their guests had a blast. The playlist that they gave me had some awesome songs that I was able to build off of making my job easier. Time flew by and before we knew it the end had come. We did all the traditional activities at most weddings. We played the shoe game, had a dollar dance, and threw the bouquet. The newlyweds were quite easy to work with and it was an honor to celebrate with them.

Sunday I was back in the kitchen but after my shift I rested. Much needed for sure, I slept for most of the afternoon, had a late dinner and went back to sleep. Another successful weekend, and the start of another week of gigs and work ahead.

  1. This Is America (Todd Terry & Louie Vega & Kenny Dope Remix) – Childish Gambino 
  2. Day ‘N’ Night (Tom Budin Night Remix) – Kid Cudi 
  3. 20 Girls (Mark Knight Edit) – DJ Lora
  4. Letting Go (Franky Rizardo Remix) – Mont Blvck
  5. In Degrees (Purple Disco Machine Remix) – Foals

Scruff’s Top 5

Well it was a very fun and busy weekend for me with events on both Friday and Saturday. Friday I had the chance to check out one of my fellow DJ’s company rock a wedding, while I ran the Photo Booth. Saturday Lee and I helped a lovely couple celebrate their marriage union with a dance that we will remember for a long time. 

Friday I made my way to Sioux Center, IA for Madison & Chris’ wedding reception. I was not there to DJ though, I had been hired for the honor of capturing the fun times of the evening with the photo booth. On Decks for the evening was my brother Adam Sieff from Sieffstyle Entertainment. Adam and his brother run a multi op out of Sioux Falls, SD, and they are definitely a group of guys that Lee and I model our company after in terms of: style and outgoingness. After all the years of us getting together bouncing ideas, and just learning what we can from each other, this is the first time I have gotten the chance to witness the company in action from start to finish. I will say that for the most part we do the same thing, but there was stuff that I did learn from watching. Throughout the night I had lots of photos taken and filled up prob 2/3 of the photo album by the end of the night. Needless to say the booth was a hit with all the kids, they all took multiple pictures, switching up the props and just being silly. After the dancing started and the liquid courage was flowing a little bit, we started to see more family photos in the booth. Parents, and grandparents took the opportunity to capture their immediate family tree for the evening. This is what I most enjoy about the photo booth. I get to do the facilitating of music most nights, but this was a great change, I really enjoyed seeing the different view of the evening. 

Saturday Lee and I made our way up to Sioux Falls, SD for Katie and Dan’s wedding reception. These guys were a young couple with old souls, and that’s not a bad thing at all. From the introduction music to the dance these guys were a huge blast from the past. Our selections for dinner included tunes from the 40’s- 70’s, and the dance from he 60’s-80’s per request. Now we did have some newer music as well, but for the most part we stayed within those parameters when it came to our selection. This was also a photo booth event, so we had Luke manning the booth while we spun the tracks. This wedding def had me taking out my classics, songs that I really had forgotten about. Lee and I both agreed that most of the tracks played would be going into our updated dinner playlist. I mean these songs catered to the older generation mostly, but in all honesty the older generation are also the first to leave receptions. if we get them to have a good time they’ll stay longer and then the dance floor is not only full with one or two generations of youth, but maybe four or five different generations. I can’t wait till next week, more weddings and more memories to be made. 

  1. 25 Cents – Tuff London 
  2. You Are The Light – Hot Since 82 ft. Jem Cooke 
  3. Basslyn – Bart B More 
  4. Get Girls – Tough Love ft. Marshall Jefferson 
  5. Do Or Die – Hotfire 

Scruff’s Top 5

It was an awesome weekend for some music, the weather was nice and after a long week of working dancing is the perfect stress reliever. This week I was down at the Firehouse on Friday and the 415 on Saturday. One event was an open format style and the other was strictly electronic. It was adventure of late nights and little sleep but totally worth it.

Friday night after work I checked the billboard top 100 to make sure that I hadn’t missed any new tunes and then made my way down to Sioux City for my first outdoor gig at the Firehouse Bar. The weather was supposed to be clear and I was ready for a true summertime styled event. I had a great time playing around with the crowd, played some wedding favorites like the cha cha slide and cupid shuffle upon request, played some EDM crossover tracks as well as top 40 hits. It was great seeing the crowd accept some familiar yet different versions of club hits. It brightens my spirits knowing that Northwest Iowa is catching up with the rest of the world. Don’t get me wrong i’m cool with playing top 40’s but as a dj I want to introduce my audience to newer music and different styles. With that being said I played DJ Andy Rivera’s remix to Post Malone’s WOW, and I played a Hip hop track by my brother Switch’d from back in NYC. I take great pride in playing out music and being able to support my friends and their craft as well as my own is just an amazing feeling. It’s like having the exclusive of exclusives for me, especially when both Andy and Switch’d are from different states. The night went by smoothly I was able to engage and keep the crowd going most of the time besides grabbing drinks and bathroom breaks. I can’t wait to get back and play again, with my wedding schedule its hard to make down this way, but when I do play it is a nice change for a night.

Saturday Morning I was up bright and early for my class session with Cova, we got some more of my latest track finished and by next week this time i’m positive it will be done. After a nap and breakfast I hit the road to get to Omaha for my set at the 415. I left quite early due to more flooding and rain levels, they just reopened I-29 and had to close it again. Took me a little over 3 hours but I made it down with enough time to grab some food take a shower and get a lil nap in for an hour or so. On the lineup we had Bassvine, Moeglie, and myself. Laratec was supposed to be joining us for the festivities but due to some unforeseen circumstances he couldn’t make it. I wish him all the best and strength during this time. I kicked the night off with some commercialized house tunes and slowly worked my way into the underground. I usually don’t play this way but you want people to come in the door and have them hear some stuff that they can recognize before melting there faces with tech house bliss. I had an hour and a half, plenty of time to make the music experience jump off right. After my set Bassvine took over and continued where I left off, going deeper in the underground and taking the night to the next level. Closing off the night we had Moeglie the jungle DNB styled DJ from Lincoln, NE. He took us on a fast paced adventure for sure, the perfect to close it up. We had the place packed to the brim by midnight, and the lines made it’s way down the block by 2. It’s been a while since i’ve had a sold out event, it felt really good knowing that I can still do it.

Sunday my lady and I stuck around the Old Market in Omaha. The taste of Omaha music and food festival was going on and the sun was shining so why not. While there I ordered a hispanic treat, an ear of corn on a stick covered in chili seasonings, cheese and mayo. There is nothing like it on the planet, really fattening but so delicious. Afterwards we continued to enjoy the day by riding scooters around the Old Market, window shopping, playing some old school pinball machines, and grabbing a nice Louisiana styled dinner. Another long day after the 3 hour drive home, but it was well worth it.


  1. Miresa – Feeniks 
  2. Bassdrum – Biscits 
  3. Otto’s Chant – Skream, Michael Bibi
  4. Fly Disco Fly – Disco Boy 
  5. Work Out – Cassimm

Scruff’s Top 5

This Memorial weekend was full of events across Northwest IA. Friday I was down at the Firehouse, Saturday here in Sheldon, and Sunday I was at Okoboji. The weather was awesome for the events despite what was predicted earlier in the the week. Combine the sunshine with some good tunes and food and you’ve got a party!

Friday I made my way down to the Firehouse in Sioux City.I had prepared for the evening by grabbing a ton of newer tunes, I was destined to play 85% of my tunes from the last 3 years. I don’t want to get stuck in a generation, not accepting any new material that happening right now. So that meant I update my collection on Nipsey Hustle, YG, Jonas brothers, and other various artists that have had hits over the last little bit. Upon arriving I had the choice of Setting up outside on the patio, or inside at the normal spot by the dance floor. Due to the recent predictions of rain, and other forms of precipitation I set up indoors. There’s something about water and electronics that just don’t mix well. I’d rather be safe than sorry, in this case I was feeling a little bit of both. The weather was gorgeous and people started to pile in to the bar. They would grab drinks and popcorn, but then they would head right back out to the patio. This caused a dilemma for me, I had no crowd that I could read from. Luckily I received praise from numerous waitresses as they walked by singing and dancing to the tunes. I really wished I had set up outside, but if the rain would have come this post would sound totally different. At the end of the night the owner thanked me for coming out, praised me for the tunes and said next time we should def set up on the patio. I couldn’t do anything but agree, missed opportunity for sure. Can’t wait for the next time though, hopefully great weather and my first outdoor event of the season.

Saturday I was close to home, I had the Halse/DeVries wedding at the Crossroads Event Center. Once again the weather was beautiful, it had to be around 70-75 and a light breeze in the air made everything seem perfect. The bride and groom looked stunning along with their party, thhey gave awesome speeches, had fun with the guest when it came to the kisses and had fun with the scavenger hunt after dinner. These guys were ready to party, I had a full dance floor the whole night. I played everything from country to hip hop and even a little dubstep. One of the highlights was when I played Mr. Brightside by The Killers and everyone went nuts. They sang every lyric to the song and just had the look of utter bliss on their faces. By the end of the night everyone wanted to continue partying and if it wasn’t for the fact that the building had to be closed by a certain hour i’m sure we would have kept going. These are the highlight weddings we as DJ’s look forward to. Not all events are like this but when they happen it really rejuvenates our creativity and love for what we do.

Sunday I had a small event at a new venue called The Snapper in Okoboji, IA. I was helping a lovely family celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Darnold and Diane Jamtgaard. Now when you talk about tunes from 50 years ago, you start getting into a realm that is beyond my knowledge. There were a few tunes that the family had requested that I had never hear of before, especially since some of the tunes were made in the 1940’s. Nonetheless these guys came to party as well. WE rocked the dance floor for a good 3 hours, from line dances to waltz’s we had an awesome time celebrating the union of 50 years. The staff was also pretty amazing at the Snapper, they were very accommodating to my needs, and when observing their interactions with the family it was reaffirmed that the venue had planned to stay awhile.

After a Long weekend it’s now time to get prepared for the upcoming tasks. I have a radio show to record and an upcoming event at the 415. I’ll be giving more details to those events on the next blog, until then catch you on the dance floor.

  1. Oye Mami – Bad Boy Bill & Nick Rockwell
  2. Make It Hot – Myles 
  3. The Homie – Prok & Fitch, Kevin Knapp 
  4. Stacy’s Mom – Fountains of Wayne 
  5. Da Pinte – Kramder, Honey & Badger

Scruff’s Top 5

It was a great weekend off for me, I had the opportunity to see some live music, meet up with some friends, rest and relax. The wedding season is in full effect and anytime I get the chance to take a break I will. My body is already feeling the effects of going nonstop, this just means that I have to start exercising and making sure I get adequate amounts of sleep. This weekend I got that sleep and much more. 

Friday night I made my way down to Des Moines to meet up with my lady to go and see Tool at the Wells Fargo Arena. It was the second time I would get the chance to see the band and her first. We made our way downtown early for a nice dinner and treats before the show started. Tool played from 9pm – 1130pm, they took a 15 min intermission but that was after playing for over an hour and a half. The show was phenominal we had an awesome time with great seats, watching those guys play after all these years of putting out music just goes to show what true mastership is. This was an eye opening experience, clarity, thinking to myself that hard work dedication and believing in yourself can truly take you places unimaginable. 

Saturday night I went to The Booty Movement’s annual Bump and Grub in South Des Moines. DJ D-nuts invited me out for the grill and dance event, it was held at the South Ridge Mall in one of the open spaces. I was quite surprised at the location but it was quite ideal. The kids that were there had plenty of space to play without the parent’s having to worry about them, the music was bumping and there wasn’t another store nearby so being loud wasn’t a problem at all. While there I ran into some of my dj friends and made some new ones, I had the opportunity to connect with another radio show host and some event promoters. It’s awesome to see how this scene has grown and what can happen with a little bit of thinking outside the box. I hope these guys continue to host this annually. 

My weekend was full of fun, simplicity, and achievements. On top of going to see a good show, eating good food, and surrounding myself with good people, I finished up my latest track. I’ll be sending it off as a demo later on this week with hopes to get it signed in the near future. After a year of producing i’m now taking the next step into becoming a paid artist hopefully i’ll get lot’s of music signed and i’ll be able to tour the world, only time will tell. 

  1. Expression – Groovebox, Nader Razdar
  2. Dancing Till My Legs Give Out – Gerry Gonza ft Bekah
  3. You Little Beauty – Fisher
  4. Lick Up – Leandro Da Silva & Siwell ft Sam Stray Wood
  5. Give Dem – Diplo & Blondish ft Kah-lo

Scruff’s Top 5

It was a busy weekend for me, I had a double booking on Saturday and I played at the Firehouse on Friday night. this is just the beginning of my busy season and most of my weekends will wind up this way (or at least I hope so). This is also the time in which I must take care of myself the most. Since I will be running on little amounts of sleep I need to make sure that things that I consume are healthy, and that I stretch my muscles as often as I can to ensure minimum chances of injury. 

Friday night I made my way down to Sioux City after a day of cooking and preparing my tracks. I am really grateful for having the chance to play down there whenever I don’t have another gig booked. In order to keep this residency I must continually find songs that keep the crowd rocking, and keep my sets fresh. This is one of my biggest challenges, with the way the trends change and how songs are a hit and then forgotten it’s hard to keep up with everything.  I do my best and I make sure to take requests, I want to make the connection with my audience and make sure that I can get familiarized with as much music as possible. This tends to work in my favor, whenever I play I always come home with a new list of tunes that I should have in my library. This case was no different. Throughout the night, I had a plenty of requests and made a list of songs I didn’t have. I don’t know if there is a better way of going about this, if there is I would definitely be open to trying it. Until then, I’ll continue ask my audience and do my research. 

Saturday I had two gigs to play, one was a wedding and the other was a bar gig. Both were in Sheldon, but the times frames were going to overlap. After discussing this issue with the bar owner, I was able get a compromising start time for the second gig. This was the start to a long but very satisfying day. 

The wedding started at 4 and reception at 5 but due to some rain the reception started a little bit earlier. That why it’s always good to be set up and ready well before the event starts, you never know what events will take place that push things forward or hold them up, preparation is key. Other than the rain everything else went quite smoothly, the bride and groom looked awesome and their families were ready to party. For the next few hours we had a good time singing and dancing, it was a joyous occasion for sure. 

Part two of the evening start 20 mins after my reception was over. I made my way over to Brady’s Pub, the place  was packed and the drinks were flowing. I started playing my usual tunes to get the crowd moving to familiar songs, after a while I made sure they heard some newer tunes. The night went on without a hitch and I was happy to entertain. I found out about some new songs I need in my library and when I play there again i’ll have them for sure. I’m happy to be on this journey of music and growth. This is awesome.

  1. Play It – Qlank
  2. 2012 (Brohug Remix) – Party Favor 
  3. Cash Money (Koos Remix) -Malaa
  4. Don’t Look Back (Jay Robinson Remix) – Shift Key 
  5. SuperZoom – Bart B More 

Scruff’s Top 5

Just finished up my final weekend of proms, and onward to the next phase of the year: weddings. I can’t believe that almost half of the year is gone, soon the 2019 season will be wrapping up and I will be preparing for 2020. Until that time comes though I will be in go mode, we have 40+ events on our schedule and #1 for May starts this Saturday.

Friday night I made my way to Hull IA for Western Christian’s High School Prom at the town country club. The kids arrived shortly after 8 and we partied up until 1045pm. The original time for end was 11 but with about 15 mins the kids started to leave. I figured that they had to go and get ready for after prom. The kids seemed to have a good time, I made sure to play as many of their favorite tracks I could. Even though it’s a Christian school we were able to have a little fun until they started filling in the blanks; kids will be kids. I will say that I do enjoy sending the kids off to the next chapter in life with one last high school party (for the seniors). I remember my High School prom and I can say it was a blast, if I could go back and relive that party I would, that’s what I want to bring to the table when i’m on the decks. I want those kids to re live those memories for years to come.

Saturday was the end of an era for my High School Prom. I made my way to Clay Central Everly for their final High School Prom, the last time that gym will be used for a school basketball game, the last year that classrooms will be filled with students. It was a very emotional night for all, I had been invited to play their prom for the last 4-5 years, and needless to say I was honored by the fact that I would be able to send them off right. This year I let the kids hear all the hits that they asked for in previous years but didn’t play, since I didn’t have to worry about the potential backlash for next year. That doesn’t mean I played unedited versions of the songs, it just means that if they swore during the blanks I turned a deaf ear to it for the night. By the end I was able to take a photo of the survivors of the 4 hour dance with there principal. I wonder what they are going to do with the building now that it’s not going to be used as a school.

  1. Lurve – Tom Debunk 
  2. Delta – Honey & Badger 
  3. Party People – Novodisc
  4. Who Is It – Nofone
  5. Work your body – Steve Darko