Scruff’s Top 5 (Galentine’s Karaoke Night, Firehouse on Valentine’s)

This past week in music has been great, I had the chance to host a non traditional Valentine’s party, play down at the firehouse, and meet up with some couples to add their special days to our calendar. 202 has been proving to be one of growth and I for one am quite excited to see what this summer has to offer. From the new location in Des Moines, setups and music production, this year is going to be one I’ll remember forever.

Thursday night I made my way to Orange City for the first Galentine’s Karaoke night at Town Square Coffee shop. The owner Steve Mahr wanted to something a little less traditional, he wanted to celebrate the holiday with something else besides chocolates and flowers. He wanted everyone to gather together whether you had a valentine or not and just have a good time, so karaoke was the game plan. As usual things started off a little slow at first, that seems to be the tradition when it comes to singing in public. After I introduced the night and sang a song or two things started to pick up. I don’t know when it happened but before I knew it we had a packed room and a queue list that kept getting bigger all the way to the end of the night. Now besides the few baristas and myself there weren’t any guys at the karaoke celebration, I’m not sure if the name Galentine had anything to do with it, but whatever it was it kept the fellas away and the ladies didn’t seem to mind at all. As a matter of fact I believe that was the reason why the ladies had such a good time. Everything from Disney to love ballads were sung, we even got a little rowdy late in the evening with some lil Jon and Kanye West. Overall I feel like that was the best Galentine’s celebration to date and I can’t wait to “sing” some songs with them again.

Friday night the big Valentine’s Day was upon us, and I was ready to rock the Firehouse with some love songs for both the single and coupled patrons. Anything that talked about being in love or newly single was on the playlist. I played everything from Mario to Khalid, Kehlani to Beyonce, and everything in between. As people poured in with their friends and loves I kept the energy high and the vibe going. Other than a few group dances I wanted to make sure the people danced with each other, either fast or slow. Bringing back some classics and exposing them to some new stuff. I can say the longer I play there the more freedom I have to try tracks that maybe you haven’t heard before or a remix outside of the top 40 genre. The place was packed all night both inside and outside. It’s always fun to throw down to a full establishment, but playing for empty rooms is a part of the process as well. I want to encourage anyone pursuing a life in music that you will experience both before you make your mark.

Saturday and Sunday I met up with a few couples to go over the details of their upcoming events. Part of being a professional is making sure that you and your client are on the same page. You have to take customer service to the next level to elevate the expectations of your company. I try to meet up with my clients as often as they need to feel ready for their event, whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, or even just a block party; I want my services to always feel reassuring.

  1. Move Your Feet (Feenix Remix) – Liquid Todd x Leandro Da Silva
  2. Beat Control – Danny Howard
  3. Downstairs – CID feat. Jaquell
  4. Hitz – Niko The Kid
  5. Body Beat – Jack Back & Tom Staar


Scruff’s Top 5 ( Luverne Semi Formal, The Firehouse)

It was a great weekend in music for me, I had my first winter formal for 2020 and I continued my weekly residency at The Firehouse in Sioux City. This is the time of the year where most of our events are spread apart, so every school, wedding, and bar event keeps the music flowing and bills paid. I enjoy having a small break in the winter, but serving people is one of my many passions, I’m glad that I get the opportunity to use music as a tool to serve as often as I do.

Friday night I made my way to Luverne, Minnesota for the middle school semi formal. Now the only reason why it’s not a full on formal is due to the fact that only your Sunday best is required for dress code; not a suit and tie or evening gown. This time of the year organizers, students, and of course myself are glad that the weather cooperated and we were able to make the dance work. There have been times that school dances had to be postponed or cancelled due to weather related issues, nonetheless the kids got dressed and were ready to party. I started the night off with some Dua Lipa and some of the newer hits on the radio, that coupled with a few group dances is a great start to a smashing function. With so many trends upon us that change with a blink of an eye I like to take requests from the kids because I feel like it sets me up for success when it’s time for prom, and it keeps me up to date with what is considered “lit” with the younger generation. Dances modeled off the videos found on Tik Tok and other popular sites make particular songs popular. My only issue with some of these songs is the fact that you can’t always find a clean edit or buy them due to the fact that they aren’t on any record labels sometimes. I try the best that I can to play what I can, but I always write down the requests to come back to at a later date. Sometimes a week or two after the event songs are released or I can make an edit bleeping out the swearing and suggestive language.  It amazes me how many slow dances (snowball dances) are requested whenever I do a middle school (junior high) dance. The dance was only 2.5 hours long but I ‘m sure I played at least 8 slow songs. The kids seemed to have a great time and I look forward to coming back if they should have me.

Saturday I made my way down to the Firehouse in Sioux City for another night of music and mayhem. Over the past week I had been researching some of the summer hits of the 2000’s and 2010’s, refreshing my mind with some of the hits that have been forgotten over the years. This is one of my favorite things to do with music. I want to bring you back to a time that you might have let slip away, bring a little youth back to the dance floor. You’d be surprised by how many songs we know or remember once familiar rifts and beats start to play. I know that when I’m looking online I see titles all the time that I’m ooing over. As a DJ it’s my duty to always find those hidden gems, play the hits and their supporting tracks. I can’t say that I’m the best at it, but I am striving to get better. It’s now a part of my weekly routine to look back over the years at the top 200 tracks, picking out those songs that not only keep your body moving but also stimulates the mind. So after a week of researching I played some of these tracks, and got some great responses from the crowd. I burned through quite a few tracks over the first 2 hours of the night, as I continue to do my due diligence 4 hour sets will be like a warmup. With the range of ages that come out to the Firehouse it gets really easy to hit a few decades, I can say that my problem lies ins getting stuck in a genre or decade sometimes. I’m working on it, I know that in order to stay on top of my game I have to keep growing. I have to identify my weaknesses and make them stronger, I feel like I’m on that path and its frustrating and fulfilling at the same time. I’m looking forward to playing next week, pulling out more tracks and broadening my arsenal for the dance floor; keep your body moving and sweating all night long.

  1. My Boo – Usher Ft. Alicia Keys
  2. Strong Feelings – Hood Rich, Rrotik
  3. House Music Is (Amorhouse Remix) – LucaJLove, BRADII
  4. The Pig (Cube Guys Remix) – Marco Fratty
  5. Musc – Madonna

Scruff’s Top 5 (Weekend at the Firehouse, January goal recap)

Well it seems that we are now 1/12 into the year 2020, I made some goals for music and I plan on keeping them. Staying focused is really going to be the key in success. For me personally that is going to be very hard with how my mind wanders, and how easily distracted I can get. I can continue to make excuses or push forward to making progress. So far I can say that progress is on the agenda. One of my main goals for the year was to make a remix and an original every month, after the completion of January I can say that I finished my remix, and I made it half way through my original. I don’t call this a complete success, yet I don’t call it a failure either. If I had not tried to push myself to a level in which I would successfully meet my goals, I would have never known that right now I need to work on minor details of my work to make it to that goal. So 1.5 tracks is awesome for me, that doesn’t mean that I won’t push for 2 in February, that means I know that I can make at least 1.5 tracks and anything less than that isn’t an option. I now have a new standard in my work for the month, with that I can now push for the 2 track bar. I have stated before that being a music producer isn’t just an overnight thing. It takes years of work, and it takes both failures and success to get to the next level. Trusting the process isn’t something that I personally like, I would def like to have the instant classic made tomorrow. After 2 years of production I know thats not possible, so I take my journey and look at it in optimism that by the end of this year I will be making at least 2 tracks per month with a new goal in mind.

This weekend I made my way down to Sioux City for my residency at The Firehouse, I don’t have any weddings coming up just yet, so expect me to be there keeping the dance floors grooving. I particularly enjoy the fact that right now I can test out new tracks as they come out to see if I should put them in my wedding basket for the summer. I had a conversation with someone recently expressing that I find it harder to keep up with some of the tunes because there are more one hit wonders than long musical careers amongst artists. This is why I enjoy when I have my weekends in Sioux City, I get requests for songs that I have never heard before as well as crowd favorites. This is how I sort a lot of my music. As the songs get air time I can gauge whether it’s going to be popular for a hot minute, or for the summer. To be honest that method holds true regardless of the age of the song. There are sometimes when people come and ask for certain 80’s artists/tracks, I keep a record of that as well. Between both nights I can say that there are a few tracks reoccurring from the past that will be great for my wedding receptions, as well as some new ones. As the time gets closer to spring I’ll be having fewer appearances at the Firehouse so I’m going o enjoy the time that I have, and learn as much from the music that I can.

  1. Don’t Start Now (Purple Disco Machine Remix) – Dua Lipa
  2. Dial Up – Lenny Kiser
  3. Licc It – Desamor
  4. Like a G6 (Ziggy Remix) – Far East Movement ft. Dev
  5. 1-2-3-4 – Kuestenklatsch

Scruff’s Top 5 (Groenweg wedding, Follow up with Celina Vasquez, The Firehouse)

This past weekend I had just the second wedding of he 2020 season. Getting back into the swing of things early this year, after last week’s recap of the bridal shows and our first wedding of 2020 I am excited to be behind the decks after a break. I am excited to see what this year brings.

On Friday night I made my way to the Firehouse in Sioux City for my weekly residency. The bar next door was having a show and I was ready to make sure that all who came in those doors stayed. Not that I have a problem with bar hopping, I just wanted to make sure that the bartenders made some money in tips, and I could keep the patrons dancing long enough to forget about anywhere else. I started the night off with some 80’s funk, there is a couple that always comes out and dances; the young lady asked for some Marvin and I just felt super inclined to start the night off with her track. This snowballed into a few more 80’s hits, some by Michael Jackson, Joan Jett, and some Lionel Richie. I made my way through the decades as the night progressed and the clientele started to get younger in age. By the end of the night I made to the current hits and some racks that I’d thought I would try out on the crowd. After doing a lil research I wanted to test out some New Orleans tracks by Big Freedia. This isn’t an artist that is too known in the area, but can definitely make the crowd bounce. The crowd was receptive, but I think I’ll play it out a few more times before making a decision on whether it’s a hit or not.

On Saturday Lee and I made our way to the Eagle’s club & lodge in Sheldon for the celebration of Brian and Michelle’s union as husband and wife. It’s always great to hit up a wedding with Lee, we get the chance to make things run a little smoother and when the dancing starts we get to feed ideas off each other. With that being said I cued up the music and Lee grabbed the mic and we introduced the lovely couple and their bridal party which consisted of her newly step sons and other close family members. You could tell that both Brian and Michelle were relieved to finally be united as one, it was a long time coming and the joy on their face’s completed the puzzle. After some heart filled speeches we got the dance started, the bride and groom were a little older so the 90’s was the way to go, we played some Alanis Morissette, OMC, Sheryl Crow, and Wreckx and Effect. Now tat doesn’t mean that we didn’t play the Biebs, or wobble, it just means that we kept it within the spectrum the bride and grooms era of music for most of the night. We really enjoyed the guests, their requests, and of course celebrating with Brian and Michelle.

On Sunday I made my way down to Des Moines, I made some appointments to meet up with potential clients and start the journey on expansion. While in Des Moines I also met up with Celina Vasquez the owner and coordinator of the Your Wedding Iowa Bridal show. After having the follow up meeting I can truly say that she really cares not only about her vendors, but making sure that Des Moines couples experience the best that they can on their special day. I was able to give her some of our company’s history, let her know that we are here to take the entertainment portion of the reception to another level. What shocked me the most was all the wisdom she imparted on me to help with the transition. Things happen for a reason and it all just lined up perfectly, from Lee and I wanting to expand, meeting Holleen of Joy Anthology ( who made the introduction to Celina), to becoming a vendor, and now the follow up. The closer it gets the more comfortable I feel about the big move. I can’t wait to see what is to come.

    1. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
    2. Promise – Illyus & Barrientos
    3. What’s Up – 4 Non Blondes
    4. Rent -Big Freedia
    5. Milk It (Keljet Remix) – Rony Rex ft Carla Monroe

Happy New Year!!

After taking a few weeks off due to illness and wanting to celebrate the holidays, i’m back to start another year of this journey in music. This year in so many ways is the year of vision, of goals, and encouraging others around you. I have learned over the past year that nobody can do it all, we all need someone in our corners. Now whether that’s family, friends, a mentor, or combination of the three it’s always good to have people that will not only push you to the next level but encourage you along the way. That’s why for 2020 i’m dedicated to putting myself around people that are trying to achieve the same goals. As a business Lee and I are expanding as well, with opening up a new location in Des Moines we are in he process of advertising to the community and participating in multiple bridal shows and forums to reach as many as possible. I want to say that this process has cost a lot of hours and miles but in the long run we are quite hopeful that we are going to be able to make the transition with success. We have met other vendors and made some connections already, 2020 is going to be a good year.

Since the new year I can say that I’ve been quite busy with performances, things are shaping up to a good start. On January 5th I played in Des Moines at Nightingale Lounge, and every Friday this month at the Firehouse bar in Sioux City. On the horizon are new venues and cities in which I will be traveling to this year including Cork, Ireland for my first international house show. When I stated that this is the year of vision I wasn’t kidding. My goal is to also have one original track and a remix done each month, more consistency and better quality productions. Sharing this with whoever reads this weekly blog will ensure that I keep my goals and I’m held accountable to staying on track. Now that I’ve started writing the blog for the year expect weekly updates as usual on gigs, production, and of course my top 5 tracks for the week.

  1. Where Da Melph At? – Katey Red
  2. Magic (Steve Darko Remix) – Ocean Roulette & VNSSA
  3. I Want To Be Your Man – Zapp & Roger
  4. Outstanding – The Gap Band
  5. On My Mind – Diplo & Sidepiece

Scruff’s Top 5 – Shultz Wedding

This past weekend I had the opportunity to round off the 2019 wedding season with Samantha and Tyler Shultz at the Willow Creek Golf Course in Le Mars. The venue was set up so beautifully, white linens on the chairs, napkins rolled into fancy shapes on the plates, and each table had it’s own dessert cake as it’s centerpiece. Samantha was dressed in an elegant ivory colored dress and Tyler was decked out in his two piece suit. The looked like a match made in heaven each time they kissed and smiled for friends and family. After a wholesome meal by Center Catering, and speeches that warmed your heart it was time to dance. I played hits from all across the spectrum, from the 50’s to today’s club bangers, country to pop and hip hop. The guests danced some and sang along to the music, but were distracted by the college football playoffs that were on TV. It was quite a bummer for me at first, I hate to play for an empty room, but when you saw the smiles on the faces of the newlyweds enjoying their guests, catching up on old times, and just enjoying the background music it made my sour face turn upside down. Its sometimes hard to remember that the night isn’t about you, it’s not even about the music per say; its about being the missing piece to the perfect night. In this case it was to entertain those who wanted to dance, and have some music in the background. My dance floor might not have been full the whole night, but it was when it needed to be. The smiles and joy on Samantha and Tyler’s face just proved that my job was well done.

  1. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
  2. Thank God i’m A Country Boy – John Denver
  3. Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
  4. Piano Man – Billy Joel
  5. Shout – The Isley Brothers

Scruff’s Top 5 – 2 week recap

I know that it’s been two weeks since my last blog post, but I had to take some time off due to illness. Besides burning the candle on both ends I wound up catching a cold; while being on the road for some shows. I’ve been battling this cold ever since: teas, soup, cold medicine, nothing has worked. It’s just going to take it’s toll and run it’s course, that doesn’t mean that the gigs stop though. Over the past two weeks I’ve had shows in Sioux City, Cherokee, and Omaha. Just because I’m not feeling 100% doesn’t mean a thing, the show must go on. A part of being a professional is learning how to deal with whatever situation comes your way and making the most out of it. I stacked up on vitamins and cold medicine and made my way to each show with the intention of giving my all regardless of how my body felt.

Last week Friday I had my Blackout show at the Riviera, the event went from 10pm-4am and showcased the talents of 5 different acts including myself. From all across the tri state area I had different styles, generations, and experience on the bill. I’m very passionate about DJing, and I know that in order for things to grow and expand you have to introduce; network with others and give the up and coming generation a chance. These are the ideas I hope to express with the blackout shows. the night went off well, we had over 50 people show up and that’s just the beginning. I’m working on a way to make this a long term event that I can pass off to someone when the time is right.

Saturday night I was supposed to play at the 415 with JP Goodebeats, I was looking forward to playing the set I had procured for the night. I made it all the way down to Omaha and got sick, I was already battling a small cold and with the long night before I’m sure it sent my body over the edge. That night I jus stayed in my hotel room, I slept for probably 13 hours. I know needed the rest, but it didn’t help me feel much better in the morning unfortunately.

This past week I had my residency at The Firehouse and a beautiful wedding in Cherokee at the Grainery, both events were quite hard on me since I am still battling this cold but they were also quite fun. Thursday and Friday night I made my way to Sioux City for the shenanigans known as the Firehouse. It’s always fun returning and testing out new and old tracks. I really admire how the trends of music can change so suddenly. I would have never thought in a thousand years that I wouldn’t be playing Yeah! by Usher anymore, that track has been such a hit. Nowadays I find myself playing hits by Gucci Mane, and one of the lil rappers that are out and about. Yet to this day I still get requests for “Back That Azz Up” and “My Neck, My Back”. I will never fully understand it, I just have to keep up with it. Both nights were full of fun and I def look forward to coming back. Hopefully next time I’ll be at 100%

Saturday I made my way to Cherokee, IA for my first wedding at the Grainery Lodge. I was there to celebrate the Union of Mark and Chelsea Stender. This place was beautiful, it was an old barn that was reconstructed into a wedding venue. The decorations were neat and rustic, there were antlers on the wall and a southern styled feel about the place. Mark and Chelsea looked stunning, their wedding party gave some beautiful speeches and the meal was fit for a king. After all of the formalities it was time to party. We had a great time dancing to the classics, the couple had old souls and it showed by their playlist. We sang along to the YMCA, did the cupid shuffle, and slow danced to the sounds of journey. At the end of the night I was given one of the homemade apple pies that were set out for dessert and complimented by many guests for he music selection. Even though I wasn’t feeling the greatest, the energy that the guests had gave me the strength needed to have a successful event.

Now it’s time to get ready for Thanksgiving, get my latest piece of production completed, and of course try my best to get rid of this cold.

  1. About To Drop – Don’t Blink
  2. Supercoil – Funkin Matt
  3. Ouro – Born Dirty
  4. The DBG – Shadow Child
  5. Ooop – DJ Burlak

Scruff’s Top 5 (Firehouse, Luverne Middle School, Broersma Wedding)

This week I continued my residency at the Firehouse, entertained the up and coming generation with some tunes in Luverne, and had the honor of playing for Kate and Darren on their special day. It’s crazy to think that this time last year the only events that I really had was the occasional school event or bar. I can say that I’ll probably be quite busy right up to the end of the year. With each upcoming event I look forward to the challenges of keeping up with the music and keeping the bodies on the dance floor. This week was no different, it had it’s challenges, rewards, and lessons as usual.

Thursday night is birthday night at the Firehouse, as I continue my weekly residency there I have come to notice the trend in music that most people want to listen to. Every once and a while you get the occasional random request but for the most part it’s business as usual. I play the top 100 tracks on billboard throwing in a few remixes to test out  and keep things rather upbeat for the most part. This Thursday I had a few more twerking, booty shaking requests made, not an issue with most of today’s artists focusing their #1 hits on club movement. I play some tracks by Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, Tory Lanez, and some old school T-pain to quench the appetite. Other tracks played that night included : Ariana Grande, Lizzo, and some Snoop Dogg. I always have fun playing at the Firehouse, I get introduced to many new tracks and artists while also making connections that might lead to weddings and other private events.

Friday I made my way to Luverne, Mn for a middle school dance. Now usually I don’t enjoy doing dances for that young of an age, not because they don’t deserve the best entrainment that they can get, but because of the amount of slow dances you have to play lol. I know what it’s like being a pre teen finally getting the chance to have a party at school, a slow dance with a pretty girl, and hanging out with your friends. As a DJ it does draw out the event a little bit, but you play and smile regardless because the kids are having fun. This dance was no different, except for the fact that I had to deny the kids half of the music they were asking for because it wasn’t appropriate for school grounds. I understand the times have changed and I usually don’t have a problem playing tracks that are heard on the radio, but if a song is suggesting lots of sexual behavior, or drug usage I have to draw a line. Not because the administration would have a problem, or the fact that half the song can’t be heard in the clean edits, but because the music is influential. My job is to use the influences of music to dictate the mood of the dance floor. I can’t have a clean conscience knowing that what I played could potentially lead kids to doing mischievous things. Now I would hope that the kids asked for these songs just because of airtime and because the artist is popular, not because they readily identify with the lyrics per say. I just can’t support it in a school setting, especially at that young of an age. Besides the music request the kids had a great time, I played a lot of group dances and kept the party going with all genres of music. I had some requests for Rock, old school country, pop and of course snowball dances. I must have had to play at least 3 slow dances within the first hour.  At the end of the night the kids wanted me to play some more, and the staff said they would be delighted to have me return. This is what I call a successful evening.

Saturday I made my way to Prairie Winds for my first wedding of the season there. I feel like it was a tad bit late, but it’s always good to work with the staff in Orange City. The wedding was for Kate and Darren Broersma. The lovely couple and their families had a night of fun and games planned, and I was there to help it all come to light. The evening started off with uncle Mark introducing the wedding party, he had a lot of fun joking on each member and keeping things nice and light.  Kate and Darren dismissing tables for dinner, they wanted to serve their guest since they all came out to support them in their union. After all the tables were dismissed and the the newlyweds finally got the chance to sit and eat uncle Mark hosted everyone in a game of Family Feud. It was fun watching everyone guess on information about the couple and where they are from. After some great speeches and photos, we got down to the special dances and open floor. I started things off country, after gathering some information from the bridal party I knew that would be the perfect way to kick things off. I played a lot of the 90’s country hits by artists such as:  Alan Jackson, Josh Turner, Big and Rich, and of course Garth Brooks. The hits didn’t stop there though, a lot of the hot wedding tracks were played as well. I had to get in the Cupid Shuffle,Wobble, Y.M.C.A., Shout and Mony Mony. I had a great time partying with these guys, it took a while for the dance to really get hyped but once it did there was no turning back.

  1. Crab Rave – Noisestorm
  2. Espan – Carlos Sanchez, DJ Ray
  3. House Way – Remniqe
  4. Rock ‘N Roll – Bali Bandits
  5. Rock It – Teig

Scruff’s Top 5 ( Halloween at The Firehouse, Sioux Center Private Party, Computer Issues)

This past week was a lot of fun in the lad of music, it was Halloween and that meant spooky fun! I started my musical weekend on Thursday at the Firehouse, I had obtained my costume for the festivities and I was ready to get down. I dressed up as the Dark Voyager from Fortnite, this allowed me to hide my face until I wanted to been seen. Some people knew what I was going for and others didn’t, I was just glad I was able to interact with those who were curious. I blended right in with most of the patrons that night. I saw lots of different characters: Mario, Luigi, Poison Ivy, Swat officers and Disney characters just to name a few. With all the crowd participation it made for the perfect atmosphere for a good time, drinks were flowing and people were ready to get down on the dance floor. It didn’t matter what I played that night, everything was a hit. Grabbing from different eras and genres was the name of the game. I played some Michael Jackson, Prince and Whitney as well as DaBaby, Migos, and Lizzo. I had to do some of the Halloween classics like thriller and the monster mash, I know that might seem corny but everyone knows them and it’s one of those silly traditions that I as a DJ play every year. I made sure to do a lot of group dances like the wobble and cupid shuffle, just so that the people judging the costumes could get a good look. I must say I had a great time, there wasn’t any drama and people were there to have fun.

Friday I made my way to Sioux Center for a private Halloween party. I recycled my look from the night before and dressed as the Dark Voyager. I had to help create the mood for the night when I arrived so I brought my uplights and set them on a bright red to compliment the spooky decorations. There was also some hollowed out tree decorations that we put lights in to make them come alive, it looked awesome when it was all said and done. Tonight the costumes were a little more planned out couple wise, some of the attires included: Joker and Harley Quinn, The Incredibles, Salt and Pepper, and The Greatest Showman’s Ring Master and Muscle Man. My demographic for the night was from 21-40 so I stuck to the hits from the late 90’s to today. I had to play Push It by Salt n Peppa for the Salt and Peppa, and of course The Greatest Show for the ring master and her acting partner. Other hits that were played included: Barbie Girl, Yeah!, Get Low by lil Jon and Low by Flo Rida. It was a great crowd and those who attended didn’t want it to end, I was glad to be a part of the fun and keep the crowd grooving.

Saturday I had the night off but Sunday was were my nightmare begin. I had been having issues with my computer and it crashing suddenly all the time. On top of that my internal speakers weren’t working correctly, It was becoming quite a nuisance, so I called up Apple and I started the long process of fixing my laptop. It took around 3-4 hours for everything to get fixed, apparently I had some corrupt files in my operating system and it was causing everything to malfunction. They had me format and erase my whole hard drive and start if from scratch. I had a back up which wasn’t an issue, the issue lies in the fact that my back up didn’t back up everything. I lost quite a bit of information and some important files when it was all said and done. Good thing I had some stuff located elsewhere to recover what I needed. This could have all been avoided if I would have purchased my laptop earlier this year. I had saved up the money and when the time came I spent that money on lowering some bills and getting out of debt. This was a smart decision at the time, but now I have a computer that’s becoming more of a liability than it should be. I’ll have to go back to the drawing board and save up for another laptop, this time when I reach that magical number I’ll use it on what I saved it for and nothing else. I’m glad I got everything resolved and are back and running at 100%, it just makes me nervous since my computer is getting old. Parts are becoming harder to find and next time a simple format might not do the trick. Who said this being an adult thing was easy!

  1. Bassface (Dillon Nathaniel Remix) – Destructo
  2. Flip The Beat (Sinden Remix) – Sinden
  3. Find A New Direction – Dustycloud
  4. Get Whipped – Boris Roodbwoy, Andrew Rai
  5. Bappi – Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers

Scruff’s Top 5 ( Firehouse, Anzua Wedding, Exhaustion)

This was a long week in the world of music. I had four events this week and each one was great, I lost a lot of sleep and the realization of rest and work balance has come to the front of my thought process. I had fluttering eyes, body aches, and brain clutter; but I made it. Two nights back to back at the Firehouse, two different playlists, two different groups of people. Saturday a bilingual wedding, my second one of the year, and a wonderful experience. All in all I had a great learning experience, a great weekend and i’m stepping in to a new weekend with a different mindset.

Thursday night started off my four day event calendar, this was the real start to change. I made my way down to Sioux City for a fun night at the Firehouse, they have been celebrating Halloween all month and this night was no different. All of the staff wore their favorite costumes and put on their best spooky service with a smile. You had Captain America, Spider-woman, a vampire, and even a jester walking around that night. I kicked things off in a poppy fashion, they had the jukebox rocking the tunes before I started and I figured that I would keep the trend going so that it wasn’t all of a sudden the complete opposite of what was being played right away. throughout the night I played all of the fan favorites from Lizzo, Post Malone and Lady GaGa to DaBaby, Migos, and 2 Chainz. I love playing for the Firehouse, there is always a mixture of young and older so that means I can play not only the newest of new but the classics (or at least what I consider classics) and nobody complains. I finished up there that night around 2 and was on the road about 10 after. When I made it home it was around 3:15 and I made my way to sleep probably by  3:30. I got up for work around 7:45 am and made it in to the kitchen at 8. Only a little over 4 hours of rest and I felt like a Zombie. I don’t drink when I work so there wasn’t any hangover or extra energy drainage from partying the night before, my body just needed more rest.

Friday night after work and my production class with Cova I made my way back to the Firehouse for some Friday shenanigans. Once again I really enjoy coming down and playing for those guys, the clientele was completely different, and this time I was able to go a little harder and a little more experimental. On the playlist included Juvenile, Ludacris, Tyga, Iggy, and Michael Jackson just to name a few. I played a few remixes as well, this is something that I do within my own discretion. Even though there are a lot of open formatted songs being played on the radio, I have come to realize that even in the clubs around here people want the familiar or little change. With that being said playing a few remixes a night is what I really strive for, just to introduce the crowd to the idea of new or change. Sometimes it works and sometimes it’s a completely bomb. I don’t usually judge a track by its first play out, there have been times when I played music that just hadn’t hit the mainstream trend yet. One of these tracks is The Git Up, I saw the videos on Tik Tok and my cousin actually introduced me to the song via Snapchat, so when I first played it out I was expecting a great response. The song hadn’t hit my neck of the woods yet so the reaction was horrible. Look at the song now, I can’t go to the Firehouse without someone asking me to play it at least twice in a night. I had a great time Friday night watching the dance floor and glancing at the pool tables behind me. I packed up and made my way out of there a little after 2 again which means I was in bed after 3 and with a long day ahead of me I passed out.

Saturday my day started at 9am and ended Sunday morning around 2am. I made my way into the kitchen to cook  and afterwards I played for Brianna and Daniel Anzua’s wedding. This was my going to be my greatest challenge for the weekend. Now it wasn’t a challenge because this was my first time playing at a new venue, or the fact that I was running on little sleep, this was my greatest challenge because the Anzua wedding was bilingual. This is my second bilingual wedding of the 2019 wedding season and I must admit I get nervous whenever I have to play music in another language. Brianna looked stunning and Daniel looked sharp, all of their guest had bright smiles on their faces and were ready to party. I had lots of help this evening from the host and hostess Josh and Joni. Like I had stated this was a bilingual wedding and those two were my translators. For most of the evening they took the drivers seat and conducted most of the activities. Danny and Bri enjoyed playing the shoe game, and having guests look for items for a scavenger hunt. I took the reigns right after with the first dances. This is where my nerves started to kick my butt, i’ve rocked crowds to the 80’s 90’s today’s and everything in between tunes. When it comes to traditional banda’s, cumbia’s and latin hits outside of today’s reggaeton artists i’m lost. I started off with group dances like the Cha Cha Slide and wobble, I then slowly transitioned into some spanish music with the Macarena first then Payaso de Rodeo. I got the response that I expected and then some. Instead of clearing the dance floor with the language switch almost everyone stayed and did their best at dancing to whatever was played whether they understood the language or not. After a few songs I got the chance to witness some very traditional activities performed at many Mexican weddings. First Brianna and Danny both stood on chairs and locked fingers making a bridge, and with the support of a few people they had their guests make their way under the bridge all while trying to knock them off the chairs. It was quite crazy for a moment but all in good fun. Next activity was even wilder, the groomsmen took Daniel and started to toss him in the air. They did this a few times, tossing him higher and higher each time to the point where he almost touched the ceiling. It was awesome to see what other cultures do when celebrating the union of man and wife. We partied for a few more hours after that, bouquet toss, garter, and dollar dance were all done. I switched back n forth between styles of music and with the help of guests I was able to not only keep my dance floor full, but I was able to expand my library. The nervousness never subsided, I take my job seriously and I want to make sure that all guests have a good time. I was just happy that I was able to cater to everyone a little bit, I felt really honored to be a part of Bri and Danny’s special day.

After A long weekend it’s time to talk about how my body felt, about the dangers I faced, and what I plan on doing to keep myself from feeling like this. After the first night at the Firehouse I went to work feeling like a  zombie. I was at a point in which I knew I was awake but at the same time I was no where near functional enough to be around sharp and hot objects. After another night at the Firehouse my eyes fluttered more on the road and my body started to ache the next day. When I say ache I mean stiffness throughout my body, I mean joints hurting as I moved, my knees wanting to collapse underneath me, and my body wanting to just shut down. Now I know I got some rest and a small nap on Friday but Saturday after working in the kitchen I showered and left for Brianna and Danny’s wedding. No rest, and when you are in the business of entertaining you push all of that aside and give your 100% because that’s what your clients purchased, and most importantly that’s what they deserve. When you are giving that much energy you need to replenish that energy with healthy eating and lots of rest. I am definitely guilty of not eating right, and as you might have read rest was almost non existent this weekend. This was dangerous, not only because I could have fallen asleep behind the wheel of my car, or seriously hurt myself in the kitchen. It was dangerous because my actions could have gotten someone else hurt or worse. Not only that but I put excess wear and tear on my body when it was unnecessary. Yes, there will be times in which you have to work on little amounts of sleep, but they should not exceed healthy choices. There were times I felt like I was going to pass out. If I would have been the cause of an accident on the road or at work, my guilt for the situation would have been a heavy burden to carry for a long time. In the future I will be making sure that I  have the time that I need to recover from a long night, this is what I plan on doing for a very long time. I have to make sure that I take care of myself, and I am conscience of what harm I could be putting someone else in due to my negligence.

  1. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Freejak Remix) – Abba
  2. Huapango Tribal – DJ Moys
  3. The Funk – Raumakustik, Andrew Meller
  4. Creeping – Gene Farris , Dakar, Tough Love
  5. Divided Souls – Diddy, Wax Motif