Scruff’s Top 5

Howdy world, 

This past week’s festivities involved a wedding, grill out, and some local music. On Friday night I decided to go out with some friends to a show. I had an offer to play that night but decided that a break was needed, in order to stay on top of the scene I have to be in it, I have to experience it as it changes, I have to practice enjoying music on a personal level and not just a professional one. So off I went to the Hard Rock Casino in Sioux City. A couple of buddy’s of mine started a rap group named DAD and had been given the opportunity of opening for  a Beastie Boys cover band. The tix weren’t that expensive and supporting your local talents is where it all starts, they would have done the same for me so I had to go out and support. Their set was awesome, they engaged with the crowd and played some of the hits the area has grown accustomed to hearing. It’s always good to see someone else’s passion on stage, it’s humbling for me and encourages me to strive forward with my journey. The Beastie Boy cover band was very nostalgic, you could tell that the crowd had left 2017 and returned to the era of “Sabotage” and Fighting for your right to party. 

Saturday I had a wedding in Spirit Lake, that is always a fun night. The part was small and personal, the bride, groom, and guests said they had fun. Its great knowing that you helped make someone’s day special just by playing the right tunes. Sunday was one of relaxation, good food, drinks, and great company. I was able to play some tunes at my leisure, and just enjoy the rays of the sun shining down. Sunday might not have been a very productive day as a DJ , but it was perfect for my body and soul. I encourage you all to find your inner peace and enjoy every day you have on this big ball of water, land, and adventure. 

  1.  Little Love (Soul Avengerz Main Room Mix) – Lil Love 
  2. Pulse (Disco Fries Remix) – Louis Vivet 
  3. Make Love – Recovery Mafia 
  4. Preach feat. Jess Kondoors (Extended Mix) – Todd Terry, DJ S.K.T, Jess Kondoors
  5. Your Body (Elliott Kay Remix) – Tom Novy 

Scruff’s Top 5

The past couple of days have been very exciting, and sleep depriving. For the first time this month I had a Friday night off, now even though that may seem like an easy going relaxing kind of night, work had to be done. I was still preparing for a wedding that I had coming up on Saturday night, and I wanted everything to go as smoothly as possible. The wedding was in Ida Grove, IA at a place called The Skate Palace. This was just the second time in 7 years that I was on a skating rink for a reception. The place was beautiful, looked like an actual palace on the outside with knights, flags, and the castle like structure. The inside was decorated with chandeliers, lights, and props that made you feel like you were in Old England. Guests poured in after a bit, music was playing, and all was well until we found out that the party bus had broke down and the guests would have to wait a lil longer for the bridal party to arrive. No problem for me though, I had a plenty of tunes to keep rolling and being flexible is all a part of a day’s work. After a while things resumed as normal and we all had a great evening. I don’t mind having to travel for a wedding, it’s an honor to be a part of someone’s very special day. What I do hate is the drive home. After all is packed up I still had a hour and a half drive ahead of me. This makes for long nights, especially in rural Iowa. Deer, skunks, raccoons, and other wildlife like to prance around on the roads and make this that more difficult. Luckily made it home without harming a fly, but lord knows getting home around 2 and having to be up in 6 hours is not ideal.

     Sunday I had the opportunity to play and Lime lounge again with Ron Gotti as Prjct Blkout. We were given the closing slot this time since we drove so far. The Sunday crowd in Des Moines regardless of size, is always a blast. There were people dancing and forgetting about all their cares in the world for just a moment, and that’s what keeps me going on this musical journey. The people you get to spin for makes the low payouts,  and long nights worth it. Just to see a smile, or have someone say that they enjoyed what they heard is really all that i need to fulfill my soul. I would consider it a successful night for Gotti and I. We came, We saw, and We Conquered. I can’t wait to come back and play again. I wanna expand my dance floor throughout the whole state of Iowa, eventually making it across the midwest. Having goals in mind keeps DJing interesting. The book never ends because there will always be people that need a lil bit of music in their lives. Now I prepare for the coming week’s activities: Radio show, my set at Whiskey Dicks, and an upcoming show in Cedar Rapids. I embrace the rush and keep the faith, tomorrow isn’t promised to you so i’m gonna play like it’s the end of the world. I can’t wait to see you on the dance floor.


  1. Gammy Elbow – DJ Zinc & Chris Lorenzo
  2. Magic Word – Proxy, AC Slater
  3. Greasy – Jay Robinson
  4. Make It Rain – Wax Motif
  5. Primal (Diskode Mix) – Nima G    


Scruff’s Top 5

This past weekend was super busy, I’m not complaining by any means just stating the facts. Friday I was in Sheldon for an outdoor event at Schottsy’s Bar & Grill, it’s always good to play music, but playing it outside, where more than just the people who came out to see you can hear it is an awesome feeling. I get to curate the playlist for the surrounding neighborhoods and people. I just hope that all who heard the music enjoyed what I was playing and danced the night away. One of the joys of playing in the town that you live in is that you don’t have the extra travel time at the end of the night. It’s great thing to be done at an event, pack up, and be home within 5 mins. On Saturday night I was up at Traynrek University in Boji. It’s always fun to see the crowd up that way, all the tourists and summer home owners, on top of the local residents. The night started off with some of my friends from Sheldon coming out to show some love and support, which was awesome because I was able to play strictly house music for the first hour of the night. As we all know, I love house music, but being a DJ you also know that you have to play the crowd and that means sometimes you have to play things other than what you are passionate about. The key is playing other music with that same amount of passion, and filling someone else’s ears and life with joy from their favorite artists. The party didn’t end until 3 that night, the owner of Traynrek likes to stay open after 2 so that people can kind of unwind, sweat out any toxins that may prevent them from traveling, and continue to dance in the wee hours. I feel like this is a huge advantage on her part. You can still grab soda and water to stay hydrated, plus this is the only place that does a mini after hours so all people up there know that if they want to continue to groove this is the spot to go to. Sunday Sunday Sunday! Now usually this is the day to recover, catch up on some missed z’s and let the sunshine warm up your body; well not this Sunday. I had the opportunity to help celebrate the union of a young couple in Yankton, Sd. The family had me do another wedding for them last year on a Sunday, and let me tell you they know how to get down. It’s definitely fun working with a group of people that are  laid back and really enjoy dancing to everything. I was able to play from the 50’s to today’s hits and still mange to keep the floor full. If you follow my Instagram :@scruff33187, Tumblr : @scruff33187, Twitter : scruff_the_dj you’ll find pictures of the night, and of all my other musical adventures. I talked about travel time, this is where that comes into play. Yankton is 2 hours from my house, and though that’s not too far away, when you haven’t had much sleep over the weekend, this seems like forever. Now I can say that I have personally experienced some of the things that most touring DJ’s come in contact with; exhaustion. Some of the things that help with exhaustion is hydration, and a good meal. I’m truly blessed when it comes to my job, I love what I do and I love impacting the lives of so many with memories old and new. 


  1. Will You Be There – Michael Jackson
  2. Point Of No Return – Boxia
  3. Pause It – Gualtiero
  4. Tokyo – Wax Motif
  5. I Want You (DJ Sliink Remix) – Chris Lake  


Scruff’s Top 5

 This week’s adventures included a wedding, a night out on the town to listen, and a pretty nice milestone for my DJ page on Facebook. I have a lot to be thankful for, and I know that with continued hard work and dedication i’ll continue to see the rewards of hard labor. The wedding was in Orange City at the Prairie Winds Event Center. The bride and groom looked amazing and all things went well. Having a crowd that is down for anything makes the event so much fun, congrats to Brad and Lexi. Saturday night I went out with the homie Gotti, I wanted to check out the night life in Sioux City, it had been a minute, and I want to keep up with the talent that is  on the scene. I come to the realization that faster and slower transitions between songs vary from one area to the next. The DJ played some awesome tunes, I enjoyed the vibes he was giving out the speakers. He played a balanced mix of classic R&B, Rap, and today’s hits, kept the crowd going the whole time I was there. His transitions were quicker than what I was used to hearing in the area, pretty much in and out of songs within a minute and a half. If I were to play that way up here in Sheldon I don’t think I would get the positive response that Sioux City was throwing out. It was refreshing to hear a talented DJ play, being the customer instead the product, enjoying someone else’s interpretation of music. This week I hit over 400 likes on my Scruff Facebook page. This is something that i’ve wanted for a while, def a personal milestone. I always thought that when I hit another hundred likes on social media, it just confirmed that I was going in the right direction, that I can really make it doing something that I love. I am definitely feeling blessed by  all the support and continued opportunities within the scene. All I have to do is keep on pushing and stay focused. 

  1. Human Nature – Mercer
  2. Drums – Loud About Us
  3. All We Need Is Love (Juicy Mix) – Robbie Rivera & KY-Mani Marley
  4. Take Me To Your Leader – Walker & Royce Feat. Dances With White Girls 
  5. The Wickedest Sound – Riva Starr

Scruff’s Top 5

This past week has been an exciting one, I went to Des Moines and played some awesome shows with some of Iowa’s finest. On Friday night I played in downtown at Frequency 21+ with the homies Ron Gotti, String Theory, and Nicky Rage. It was great playing in a  venue that has the underground feel. On Saturday I played a B2B set with Gotti as Prjct Blkout. We opened up Basswoods Music and Camping Festival. That was a great opportunity, my first house festival event and hopefully not my last. On Sunday I was blessed again to play  as Prjct Blkout at Lime Lounge. I really liked the atmosphere in that venue, reminded me of the Rev Lounge in Minneapolis, a very personal and intimate feel. Just when I thought I was done traveling for the week, I booked a gig at TraynRek University. It’s always a good feeling when you get to come back to a venue multiple times a year to play. That also brought to mind the fact that I have to update my library. The pressure is now on to stay up to date with not only electric tracks but in all genres. Rap, Pop, and even country have all evolved with the newer, younger generation. The catering to another generation has now started. This new step in the journey is definitely going to be one where I have to humble and adapt to listening to the newer styles and artists. It’s a part of the job, and I love my job.

  1. Let It Ring – Damien N-Drix , STV
  2. La La Land (Prok – Fitch Sweet Sixteen Remix) – Green Velvet
  3. Flat Beat – Abel Ramos, Albert Neve 
  4. The Flame – Riva Starr
  5. On The Corner – Solardo

Scruff’s Top 5

This Week is an exciting one. This past Sunday I had the opportunity to headline my first event at Bar 415. The lineup was changed last minute due to health complications with Ruger ( I hope he gets better soon). I started to trip because I wanted this event to be on point, flawless, smooth, etc. Then another monkey wrench was thrown into the mix, due to miscommunication with the bar we started later than I had planned. It seemed like a recipe for disaster was brewing, I was letting the situation get the best of me. After a min or so I had to go take a breather and relax my mind, there was nothing I could do about what was going on, and my attitude wasn’t going to help things get any better. I had to remember that as the DJ my energy was going to radiate through everything and everyone, I had to remember that when i’m doing weddings and other events stuff like this happens all the time, I have to be the one to calm down the host’s, reassure that things happen, and the event is going to be a success. I had a taste of what that side of the line feels like, that burden of wanting perfection, wanting things to go just how you imagined them, not getting what you want and not worrying about it. That’s one of the toughest things to do in my mind. Allowing what you think to be chaos to happen, and just going with it, flipping it, and making it your bitch. I had a replacement DJ already, and I have to say that made the night go smoother than I would have ever figured. Elusyve did his thing and his style added to the now all house event. We started later but everyone had their full amount of time and then some, by the end of the night the house was packed and I can honestly say that the event went better than i had ever thought. Things happen for a reason, you get thrown curveballs, not to make things difficult, but to teach you something. I def learned a thing or two about having a calm spirit, and accepting that not everything has to go your way for it to be the best that it could be. This is such an amazing journey!!

I Have to thank the guys that helped make this night unforgettable. 

Gotti – A friend for years now and a mentor in the house game, you opened the night. You had the most experience out of all of us and took the step aside to show how an opening set should be played. You kicked off the night in high fashion, showed us young bucks what house music is about. I really appreciate it brah. 

Elusyve – Stepping in for Ruger turned out to be the thing that we needed from the get go. Your style and patience with the music you played made the night elevate to the next level. I look forward to playing with you again. 

DJ Super Paul – The biggest name on the bill (at the moment lol), you did something Sunday night that I am truly grateful for. Your numbers and following in the Omaha area not only surpassed mine but everyone else that played, and yet you opened up for me. Not only did you open up for me but you didn’t complain and you didn’t down play your set. You are a real class act, I thank you. 

Ruger – Even though you didn’t play on Sunday, you did something that I didn’t expect. Not only did you find someone to replace you when you couldn’t make it, you found someone who you knew would fit in with what we were trying to accomplish. For that you are the real MVP. I hope you feel better and I look forward to sharing a Stage with you again really soon. 

Now even though I think every song on my set was fire, these are the ones that stood out with the crowd.

  1. Sound Of Da NYPDisco (Asino Mashup) – Max Noize x Nello Falcitano x KRS One
  2. PATT – Leandro Da Silva, Yan Kings
  3. Live Stream – Mark Knight, Green Velvet & Rene Amesz
  4. Without Me (Syskey Remix) – Eminem 
  5. Thong Song (Nathan Jain Remix) – Sisqo 

Scruff’s Top 5

It’s been a wonderful week thus far. I had an amazing time in Rothbury, Michigan for Electric Forest. Had the chance to reunite with some old friends and make some new ones in the process. I am def looking forward to future adventures with that wild and crazy bunch. To celebrate the birthday of America I sat with some friends and watched their kids play in the pool and shoot off fireworks. Brisket in my belly and smiles all around, it’s the little things in life that make the story worth while. Now comes the part that’s the hardest, being disciplined to treat my hobby like a job and never work another day. Today i’ve put in 4 hours of work, and I have another 4 to go before I hit they hay. Being your own boss is exciting, staying diligent is tough, yet the reward for the dedication is most sweet. I look forward to sharing my journey, growing and keeping the love of music first. With that being said here is my top 5 for the week:

  1. Dope Yeah – Luca Debonaire 
  2. You’ve Got The Love (Mark Knight Remix) – Florence And The Machine 
  3. Troja – 2Pole 
  4. The Way You Are (Tom Starr Remix) – L’Tric 
  5. Whistle Blower – Vanilla Ace 

Scruff Top 5

This week I am heading towards the magical forest in Rothbury, Michigan. On the way I was blessed with staying with my aunt, uncle and cousin for an overnight visit in the Chi. I was taken on a tour of some of the rougher parts of the city, that was not only depressing but it surely made me aware of the struggle that plagues some of America. I never grew up in communities in which the police force refused to come and help if needed, or seen multiple people strung out on whatever substance was available at the moment (crack, Heroin) walking around looking for their next fix. Prostitutes on the street, run down buildings boarded up and so many failed or shut down businesses. The thing that was most crushing was that fact that it seemed like there was no hope on the people’s faces. Now Just because I have described what I consider to be the negative about the windy city, doesn’t mean that’s all the place has to offer outside of touristy attractions. I also got the chance to look at the architecture and taste the foods that make Chicago such a magnificent place. My aunt took me to a place called Buffalo Joes, the food there was delightful, and the atmosphere was inviting. We also had some Jamaican Beef Patties (meat patties as my aunt would call them), the perfect amount of spice to allow you just a petite glimpse of the island on your tastebuds. My favorite Thing about this visit though: Meeting my father’s mother (my grandmother) for the first time that I could remember, and listening to the music that the old skool Chicago house heads grooved to. This is what brings me to my top tracks for the week. Listen to the past and it will enlighten your future. Learn from your past, and your eyes will see the possibilities that the future holds for you.

  1. Good Life (CJ’s Living Good Club Mix) – Inner City 
  2. Finally – CeCe Peniston 
  3. 100% Pure Love – Crystal Waters 
  4. Everybody Everybody (Le Freak Mix) – Black Box
  5. Let The Beat Hit ‘Em – Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam 


Scruff’s Top 5

This week has been quite interesting for me. An exciting change has come and yet a very risky one. I celebrate leaving my full time job to pursue my passion as a full time DJ. The summer has been an awesome one thus far, with weddings and events booked solid. This is what I am banking on the keep me going, pay up on bills and stay ahead because the winter months are coming. My mindset hasn’t totally changed like I want it to just yet, I know that every day I have to make the effort to change and not rely on pure hopes and I needs. Putting the work into action will probably be the toughest, yet I know that once I start to see the fruits of my labor I won’t want to stop. 

  1. 2u – David Guetta feat. Justin Bieber 
  2. Golden Pineapple – Jay Hardway 
  3. KARTEL – Robert Falcon, KEVU & Vendark
  4. Perm – Bruno Mars 
  5. Lake Arrowhead – Nora En Pure 

Scruff’s Top 5

I had the pleasure and honor of spinning some tracks for the local Relay For Life walk. Being a part of this event made me appreciate life that much more. You only live once and why live it with the glass half empty, tomorrow isn’t promised to you so make the most of today. The survivors that attended proved that your will to live and push back against adversities is the only way to live. Mediocre living won’t get you anywhere fast, and being content with the bare minimum is a waste. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed little things here and there that tell you to push, that tell you to be beyond the best that you think you could ever be. All I can say is that i’m choosing to live, because you might not get a better chance than now to do so. 

  1. Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor 
  2. Maneater – Hall & Oats 
  3. Bring Your Body – Leandro De Silva 
  4. Hunter (Gereld Le Funk Remix) – Galantis 
  5. Funkin – Olin Batista