Scruff’s Top 5

Wassup World, it’s the middle of the season and i’m just getting warmed up. Over the past couple of weeks i’ve had the opportunity to host a show, watch people start the next chapter in their live’s and play at new venues. This week was no exception, On Friday I played down in Omaha at the 415, and on Saturday I had the opportunity to play in Orange City for a wedding at the Prairie Winds Event Center. This year has been an incredible one, I can’t wait to discuss all of the things I have been up to and where that may lead as a musician and DJ. 

Friday I returned to the Old Market in Omaha for a set at one of my favorite spots in that area; the 415. Ron Gotti, Natron88 and myself played a variety of electronic tracks. We told a story with our sets, it was one of my best this summer, my only regret is that I didn’t get the chance to record it and post. I definitely have to get better at that, I don’t want to record it to boast, or even prove that i’ve played where I say I have. I don’t have to lie about my journey, it has both ups and downs just like anything else. I really want to record for growth listen and learn from my mistakes, become the best that I can be. It was a late night out, I really don’t mind though, it comes with the territory. 

Saturday night I was in Orange City for the wedding celebration of Allison and Kyle Van Wyk. This was my first wedding at the Prairie Winds Event Center this year, it’s always good to work with those guys. They are professional and we really help each other make each event run smoother, and then we can all focus on the main attraction; the bride and groom. It was a wonderful evening full of Dutch treats, dancing and laughs. I wish the lovely couple nothing but success and happiness. 

Sunday was definitely my day of rest, after a couple of long nights I was ready for a little R&R. I spent the day working on some projects, things I hope to share with the world soon. As I move forward, I hope to keep my passion at the forefront, and stay humble on this journey. Keep on reading to stay up to date with all of my adventures. 

  1. Check This – Kinnerman 
  2. Who is Themba? – Themba (SA) 
  3. The Infamous Shit – Pirupa 
  4. Play The Room – Hot Since 82 
  5. It’s Time For Change – David Herrero 

Scruff’s Top 5

This past weekend was one for the books, I had the opportunity of reuniting with my childhood friends, and hosting my first hip hop show in Arnold’s Park, IA. I have been trying to grow as an artist, and a businessman. Part of that is taking risks and trying to expand outside of the box, engage in different activities that can help take your career to the next level. This hip hop show was my way of stepping out of that box. I did my research, found a venue, and brought in artists who I thought would bring in a crowd. Prepping for this show meant that I had to organize timeline, sound, meals, lodging, and answer any miscellaneous questions. This was something new and exciting for me, I decided to make sure that whoever was involved with this event had to be on the same path as me; an artist that wanted to grow the music scene.

Friday was a busy one, I had a radio interview at 7 am after picking up a few of the artists the night before on KIWA. Tom conducted the interview with Stovetop, Q_streets, and ReachingNova, making sure he took care of the 5 W’s. Afterwards I had to head up to the venue for the night’s show. Being the promoter and organizer of an event means you are the first to show up and the last to leave. The show went well over all, and it was a long night. All the artists made the stage come to life, I couldn’t be any happier with both the turnout and performances. Of course there were problems, but that was the reason why we had all day to make sure things went without a hitch during go time. Hopefully, this is just the beginning and there are more events in the future.

Saturday I took my guests from New York up to Sioux Falls to go and see what the midwest had to offer. We ate dinner at Denny’s and went to falls park for some nice photo ops. Simplicity was what I could show them, what I could offer to people who grew up in the city that never sleeps. Nova and I grew up together, it was good to have him come out and share the stage, and see the way I live. I feel like slowing things down for just a weekend was just what he needed. I can say that being out here has made me enjoy the little things that much more, and showing my friends that style of life was awesome.

Sunday was definitely the day of rest and eating. We grilled some food until the rains came, enjoying chicken coleslaw, and burgers. I can’t remember the last time I just enjoyed the company of my friends and ate some good food. This was the last day that Nova would be in town and due to the early departure for the airport in the morning, relaxing and eating sounded perfect. We played some N64 and went to bed early, that was the best way of ending a mini reunion, and vacation.

  1. AI – Stovetop 
  2. Day Ones – ReachingNova 
  3. Future Of The Underground – Botnek & Aylen
  4. Look Alive (Reese Remix) – Blocboy JB & Drake 
  5. Reset – Oxia 

Scruff’s Top 5

After a long weekend there is no room for stopping, I have to prep for a hip hop show that i’m hosting. This past weekend I volunteered some time to help cook for Risefest here in Sheldon, and of course with it being wedding season I had the privilege of celebrating in Marcus with the newlyweds and their families. Next Friday I set up and get ready for my first hosted hip hop show in Arnold’s Park.

Friday after getting off work I went to the Risefest Music Festival grounds to help out a friend with a catering. It was terribly hot out, but the skies were clear and the people were hungry. We wound up cooking for over 300 people that evening. Artists, volunteers, and VIP ticket holders all lined up for a cuisine that included: mashed potatoes, asparagus, green beans, full salad bar, grilled chicken breast, and steaks cooked to order. I can say that was the first time I had cooked for so many people at one time, it definitely mad me realize how hard it is to cater and have everything go just right. Afterwards I went home and rested, I knew that Saturday was going to be just as hot and just as long of a day.

Saturday I made my way down to the Marcus Community Building for the Rupp wedding celebration. This was the second time I had played in Marcus over the last few weeks and I knew that it was going to be a tightly packed place. There were over 400 guests that had arrived to celebrate the newlyweds, but also the bride’s parents who shared the day by celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary as well. After an excellent meal and heartwarming toasts it was time to get the party started. The crowd was definitely into the 80’s and 90’s music scene. I played a mix of country, rock and roll, and of course boyband classics. We had a great moving and grooving, I hope that the evening was as pleasant for the guests and it was for me.

Sunday was Father’s Day and I spent it with the Thomas family. We had an early afternoon lunch of burgers and fruit salads, it’s always good to see those guys and feel the love after all these years. We got a chance to cool off for a bit when it started to sprinkle. That didn’t last long, and afterwards the humidity was off the charts, thank goodness for AC. As I prep for my upcoming show, I keep in mind that music is my life, my passion, my career. It’s going to take a while but it will pay off in the end. Longevity is the name of my game, I look forward to adding this to my resume. 

  1. Factory Settings – Catz ’N Dogz, Joseph Ashworth
  2. Raw Beatz U Ain’t Ready – Demuir
  3. Change Yo Diet – Junior Sanchez, Saul Williams
  4. The Deep – Element 125 
  5. To Be Free ( The Deepshakerz Remix) – Ben Delay, The Deepshakerz


Scruff’s Top 5

It was another fabulous weekend here in Northwest Iowa, I had two weddings this weekend plus a small overnight trip for some R&R to round things off. Now that we are in the midst of wedding season 2018 it’s been rather important for me to take some time for me. Both weddings were a lot fun, congrats to both couples, I really appreciate it and feel quite honored when I get the chance to spin on someones special day.

Friday night Lee and I were at Terrace View in Sioux Center, this was our second wedding here this season and our second straight weekend working with the Terrace View crew. The place was very well decorated and the staff were helpful and cheerful as usual. It was about 6 pm when the festivities started to take place. After introductions, meal, and toasts we played a couple of games with the Mr. and Mrs. The shoe game is a popular one in these parts and the guests love to see how in sync their answers are, it’s always fun asking who the better driver is, who will burn dinner, and who spends the most; usually the newlyweds blame each other for all the shortcomings in a harmless fashion. We also played a scavenger hunt/musical chairs game. I love it when we play this game, its a fun way to get the guests involved and cancel out things like the dollar dance that might slow down the evening after the dance has started. After the games and special dances we hit them hard with a 2.5 hour dance. This was amazing because we didn’t have to ease into the heavy hitters, we also enjoyed the fact that after the dance was done nobody wanted to stop. We would rather leave you wanting more than asking when the dance was going to end. It was a perfect night, a perfect way to send off the happy couple.

Saturday Night I was up in Spirit Lake at The Barn, a bar/ event hall. I was really impressed with the facility. The outside looked like a normal barn, but inside everything was spacious and accommodating. I had a plenty of outlets and there was AC running so we didn’t have to worry about passing out from the heat. There was a chandelier and a working elevator that took me to the top floor where the reception was held. The newlyweds had been married for a month all ready due to a destination wedding, but since not all could make it, they had a small celebration for those in the area. A very informal event, just a small meal one toast and the bride and grooms first dance, before the floor was open to everyone. The dance started off slower but overtime picked up after some 80’s hit’s and group dances. I was asked to do another wedding that night after it was all done, but couldn’t make the commitment because I wasn’t a part of a certain company that the inquirers venue used. I didn’t realize that that was a thing, having to be a part of a “DJ union” or network just to get the gig. This is something that I will look into for the future. I don’t want anything stopping me from doing what I love to do.

Sunday I got up early and drove down to the states capitol. I didn’t have to work Monday and wanted to get away, it’s nice to just separate and enjoy a different area. I don’t mind where I live, I just know that experiencing a different environment can spark some inspiration, and creativity. You get the chance to make new connections, and scope out the music scene. Even though its quite the drive I had a very nice time, went to a diner on the west side, and enjoyed Deadpool 2 on a very comfy seat at the theater. I checked out some antique and thrift stores, found some cool 70’s music to jam out to and checked out an art gallery that had some unique things by Dr. Suess. Overall it was a great weekend, I look forward to the upcoming weekend, preparing, and shopping for some new tunes to add to the collection.


  1. Milkshake (Elliot Kay Remix) – Kelis 
  2. Flames ( Leandro Da Silva Remix) – David Guetta & Sia
  3. The Wobble – Ramon Tapia 
  4. Reality Insanity – Pax 
  5. Goodbye Fly – Joris Voorn 

Scruff’s Top 5

I’ve had a conflicting event this weekend, at what point do you stop an event because or morals, or at what point do you ignore and do the job you are hired to do? That’s an area that I haven’t had to deal with before. Most of my events come in the form of weddings, school events, and club gigs. When dealing with a private party situation, besides having the proper amount of electricity, space to work, and of course a signed binding contract is there anything else that needs to be put into consideration when taking an event?

Friday night I was suppose to have a gig in Sioux Falls, but those plans fell through so I took another gig for a private party. The weather was hot and it was suppose to get bad but until then the event was on and so was I. The person that organized the event was someone that I knew and had worked with before, I didn’t have any issues before so why this time. Things were going well until I saw the attendees for the event, Now I understand that privacy comes with that signed contract, but when is being quiet going past the paycheck. I did my job, I was paid and that should be the end of it. I just know that I will never work with the individual again. I can’t compromise my reputation, and my conscience for a paycheck. There are certain things that as a DJ I have to stand for, good music, equipment, professionalism, and a clear conscience. After my event I know what I am able to handle, so in a sense it was still a good lesson, and a great way to continue growing in my career.

The rest of my weekend was full of R&R, I had a bachelor golf party for Drew, and some fun down in Des Moines as well. I’m ready for another week I have some shows lined up and I can’t wait to play out some new tunes.

  1. One Kiss (Jauz Remix) – Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa 
  2. This Is America (Kesh Remix) – Childish Gambino 
  3. Dinero (StarJack Tribal Remix) – Jennifer Lopez Ft. Cardi B & DJ Khalid 
  4. Friends (M-22 Remix) – Marshmello Ft. Anne Marie 
  5. Must’ve Been – Disclosure 



Scruff’s Top 5

It’s Memorial Weekend and besides having a few events, I took the time to remember all the people who’ve passed on especially in our military. We have so much to be grateful for, our freedoms, and the people still here that we can cherish. I need to spend more time with those I love and care about, whenever holidays come around I am reminded of how short time is. Success is awesome, but if you can’t share those experiences with those closest to you, what have you really accomplished?

This weekend I had a wedding on Friday, and on Saturday I returned to the Firehouse in Sioux City with Stovetop for a night of fun. The wedding was in Sioux Center, Iowa at the Terrace View Event Center. The weather was gorgeous and the newlyweds looked fabulous. The party was different, we had a crowd that liked to sing along with the music and enjoy a good beverage, and we had some that enjoyed to party and dance the night away. We kept the dance floor going for the most part, I noticed that slow jams, and group dances made up most of the evening. Everyone enjoyed the Cha Cha Slide, Y.M.C.A., Wobble, etc., the anniversary exposed a couple that had been married for more than 55 years. The advice they had for the newlyweds was 12 hours of sleep and don’t drink too much beer.

Saturday night Stover and I went to Sioux City early for Dinner and some shopping before rocking the night at the Firehouse. It’s amazing when I get the chance to play outdoors, I feel like one i’m at a summertime loft, or backyard party. It makes me dream a little more, I want to keep growing so that I can do this every day. The night went by pretty smoothly, we played some newer hits, and of course the classics. The temps were in the 70’s all night and there was a light breeze in the air, making the conditions perfect in my opinion. After the gig was done we went to IHOP for breakfast and made it home by 430. This was my fun for the holiday since I had to work all day on Monday, i’m glad that I get a chance to get paid to have fun.

  1. Let Me See The Booty – The-Dream
  2. I Want You Back (DJ Tech Supreme Remix) – Jackson 5 
  3. Magenta Riddim (Lumberjack Remix) – DJ Snake 
  4. Jackie Chan – Tiesto and Dzeko Ft. Preme and Post Malone
  5. El Sol – Robbie Rivera and Mamba Ft. Halana

Scruff’s Top 5

Now that the warm weather is here, and the DJ season is in full swing taking proper care of your body is more important than ever. There is no time for pulled muscles, fatigue, and exhaustion. Even though some these things are unavoidable when you’re constantly on the go, you can definitely help reduce the effects with the proper diet and exercise. Stretching before lifting your equipment, and eating a healthy meal everyday will ensure longevity for your body in this industry. Drinking more water instead of booze at your events will not only make you look more professional but will also help sustain energy throughout the night. Now, i’m not saying that a nice beverage every once and a while is bad, i’m just saying that the sugars in both the alcohol, and in most cases soda (or pop) will drain you of your energy more than help. There are a number of things that you can do, but these are some of the things that help me.

I had events on Friday and Saturday this weekend. On Friday I was at the Firehouse in Sioux City. They had me set up on their outdoor patio, which was nice since most of their patrons stay outside during the summer. This allows me to scan the dance floor and keep my track selection proper, its harder to do that from inside of the building. Another nice thing about being outside is the free advertisement. Everyone can hear what you are playing, and if you’re on your A- game there is a lot of potential clients that might be interested in your services by the end of the night. I really enjoy playing at the Firehouse, the staff all treat me very well when I arrive and the management is very organized with how they run the evening.

Saturday night I had a nice cozy wedding at Mini Wakan State Park in Spirit Lake, IA. The cottage the that the reception was in maybe held 100 people, the decorations were lovely and that was all you needed for a successful evening. We played the shoe game, and had a little fun with the newlyweds, they were super nice. I ran into some like minded music junkies while playing, and had my first kilt encounter for the 2018 wedding season. Sharing the special day with all the guests and family members is what keeps a smile on my face at every wedding event. The joy you bring to each individual is different and personal, I wouldn’t change anything about my choice in career.

  1. Get Get Down – Paul Johnson 
  2. Plomo – Beaowolf 
  3. Voyager – Mancodex 
  4. The Return – Jay Robinson
  5. Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant Farm 

Scruff’s Top 5

This past weekend was the start of creative set ups and being flexible with venues for the summer. There is a reason why I show up to events a couple hours early, a reason why I bring extra cords and try to prepare to deal with anything. This weekend was awesome in more than one way, I definitely learned a thing or two.

Friday night I was down in Sioux City to play at the Firehouse Bar and Grill, it was a cold rainy night, and with graduations happening I knew it was going to be interesting. The weather got the best of night, not too many people came out to party. Not gonna lie, I hate nights like that. They are slow, they lack the energy needed to keep my body from getting tired. I know they are great for testing out crowd control, but I always want the big show; who doesn’t.

Saturday I had a wedding in Marcus, Iowa. The venue was decorated really nice, but had no room for my setup. I had to get creative with speaker and light placement, in the end I had one speaker on one side of the room, and the other right behind me. The reception was supposed to start at 3:30pm but with the cold rainy weather guests arrived early, and they were ready to party. Open bar was the name of the game, and everyone played hard. After a great dinner, toasts, and congratulations we got to dancing. This is where you never assume or pre-judge your audience. I figured I would hit them hard since they had already been drinking for a few hours, I didn’t believe that they were going to last all night. I was totally wrong! we went all night long with a full dance floor 90% of the time. Just an amazing night for Mr. and Mrs. Wendt.

  1. Panic Room (CamelPhat Club Mix) – AuRa & CamelPhat
  2. The Lone Brazilian – Flashmob
  3. Feel This Love Inside – Hoxton Whores, HXTN & James Hurr
  4. Sauce – Green Velvet, Mihalis Safras, Shamonique
  5. Feel My Needs – Weiss UK

Scruff’s Top 5

This weekend was the end of prom season for me, and the beginning of wedding season. It’s now time to put things into full swing and get ready for weekend madness to commence. I’m not complaining by any means, this is what I live for, what I enjoy. The next few months will line up some of our dates for next year, and let us know what we need to do to make this company the most that it can be.

I enjoyed my last Friday night off for the month by heading down to Des Moines, IA. The lady and I went to a nice Lebanese restaurant called Open Sesame, a very small place but the food is very delicious. We couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a line outside waiting to get in. After dinner we relaxed the rest of the evening. The 3.5 hour drive to the states capital leaves you drained, and watching a movie is never a bad option.

Saturday morning was amazing, Got up around 6 and made my way to downtown Des Moines, for the opening of the farmers market. 5 blocks of local vendors offering everything from baked goods to fresh produce, woodwork and flowers, and everything in between. I was truly astonished by how well organized this was, from 7 – noon there was live music on every corner, and lines of people all over. There was media coverage and not to mention it was pet friendly. I prob saw more labs and purse pooches in one morning than ever before. After the farmers market I left Des Moines and made my way to Sioux City for North’s High School Prom. My last prom for the year was a blast, not only did the kids jam out all the way to the end, but they requested some tracks that were made well before they were thoughts. I enjoy it when I have to hand out business cards to kids wanting me to be at their school the following year, that’s a joy that you can’t really put into words.

Sunday was my day of relaxation and gyro’s. A couple of buddy’s and I got together for an afternoon of bags (corn hole) and of course some scrumptious lamb meat. We enjoyed the warm weather and food, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the breeze was perfect. There wasn’t anything more any of us could have asked for. Now it’s back to the grind, back to bettering skills, song selections, and overall production. I am excited to see what this summer brings, and what i’ll have to offer the world by the end of the year.

  1. Blob 2018 – David Tort & Albert Neve
  2. Dimension X – Dave Winnel 
  3. NRG – Dannix & Teamworx
  4. Bleep (Marc Spence VIP) – Maximono 
  5. Return Of The Mack – Mark Morrison 

Scruff’s Top 5

It was a very good weekend I must say, not only could I help Celebrate life, but I also had the chance to help celebrate the accomplishments of the next generation. It’s amazing to see things grow and new things blossom, whether that’s love, life, or music. The events that I had this weekend made come to appreciate the little things just a bit more. 

Friday night I returned to Sioux City for a night at the Fire House, this was my third time down there within the last 2 months, I can’t say that I see this stopping any time soon. The crowd was kinda light in the downtown area, and as a DJ there is always mixed emotions about being at a venue when it’s not packed. We had all the right conditions for a solid night: warm weather, no cover charge, and of course some good tunes; yet it seemed as if there was a memo to stay home. Now I made the most of the night of course, the people that did come out were able to request some tracks and get them played. This is the part of having a smaller crowd that I enjoy the most. I get the chance to make my playlist a lil more personal, intimate if you want to be quite frank about it. Night’s like these also test my library and give me the chance to update on any new tunes that I might not have heard before. By the end of the night I had the patrons swaying to the sounds of Chris Brown and Bill Withers, Beyonce and Marvin Gaye. The manager and owners of the bar really enjoyed my eclectic taste for the evening, I’m sure having a chill yet engaging night is just important as a high energy night. 

Saturday I had the privilege of DJing for Lake Park High School’s grand march and prom. As the seats filled up and seniors lined up, you could feel the sense of pride fill the room. For most it was their kid’s senior prom, 18 years of school now done. The final step before leaving the nest and making your own way in this world, whether that’s college, or going straight into the workforce. I played instrumentals while the students posed for pictures and hollers, it didn’t take that long but it meant so much for those parent’s it was as if time stood still. After the grand march and everyone left, I had a few moments to just practice a little bit of mixing and waiting for the prom dance to start. At around 930 the kids showed back up and we partied, they did the limbo, cha cha slide, cupid shuffle and just had a blast enjoying their last school function of the year. 

This past weekend also marks the journey of parenthood for Lee and his family, he celebrated the birth of his second son and that’s something to definitely smile about. Over the years we have grown as a company, as friends, but nothing can prepare you for fatherhood. He has done quite the job handling the pressures of life and being a supportive husband and father. Raising his firstborn with respect and faith, i’m sure he will do everything that he can to keep that going with his second born. Congrats to him and his family for sure!

  1. Nasty (VIP) – Marc Spence
  2. Walay (My Bae) – Claude Von Stroke 
  3. Flip The Joint – Mikey Lion, Sacha Robotti 
  4. How I’m Feelin – Tech N9ne Ft. Snow Tha Product and Nave Monjo
  5. Take On Me – A-Ha